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I don't get it. I keep re-reading that chapter where Horus has that dream, and Erebus clearly lies to him and gets called out by Magnus, but Horus still turns traitor. What am I missing?

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"Play nice with the other kids".
You're not actually supposed to say that some pos looks bad, you're supposed to clap and smile like a retard for good boy points (look at reddit).

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I'm sorry your plan was shit, Emps. Better luck next time. Maybe you shouldn't try to get half your military to turn against you with your greatest son at it's head.

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I have no idea what this is or where it came from but I love it.

You should add primarchs though. I need a female horus.

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Looks like you didn't get that Warmaster job you were looking for. Good luck trying next time!

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Got to make friends to be Warmaster. Good try though!

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I would be happy if they killed off Downton Abbey, like he adds nothing to the plot and just comes off as "Generic badguy #4"

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They say that your birthmark is where or how you died in a past life. Assuming this true, would severe mental illness be a sign that you died psychically rather than physically?

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Perhaps a story to please Slaanesh?

>Horus, with his intense gaze, his rough, battle-worn hands.
>His grip is tight; powerful but gentle, insistent and consuming.
>He's behind you now, and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck, rustling the short hairs and downy feathers there.

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Is there a US based terrain seller?

Literally every single decent one seems to be based in the UK and charges out the ass for shipping.

Looking to get a bunch of terrain for Necromunda/Shadow War and paying $100 for shipping is retarded.

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Honestly, pre-Heresy Horus is probably my favorite primarch. Charismatic, kind, caring, and just an all-around swell guy. I think that makes his fall even more tragic.

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Because fuck you.

But really though.

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Blonde girl, red eyes in the bottom middle with the massive forehead

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why is Horus so handsome?

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Just look at that smirk. He fucking looks like Good Guy Greg in most depictions.

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Roboute Guilliman is still a bro and besides being one of the more level-headed Pimarchs, treats regular humans with respect.

Horus Pre-Heresy was a major bro and pretty much liked by everyone. (just look at that jolly smile on his face.

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