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"I can't believe him."

Mom has a sour look on her face. She walks from the ruined park with her arms held over her head.
"He lost control of that thing a week ago and didn't tell me.."

'That thing' being the titan in the distance, slowly forming itself from concrete and rubble from the city. Even now, I can hear the sound of scraping and screeching as Iron is bent and torn along its exterior.
Slowly, the behemoth takes another massive step. The only saving grace being it's movement. It lumbers along at speeds which would make turtles and snails laugh.

If Asai isn't lying: that thing is doing this completely under its own control.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today is the worst!
Like, the actual worst!

My 'Dad' (ugh) Asai has never been the most agreeable person. He's tried to kidnap me, and kidnap my friends, and-
He's just a terrible person all around!

He was also controlling the massive structure that was Fortune's HQ. I don't know how, and the specifics are lost on me; but recently he's lost control of it.
Now it's doing.. that. It's forming into some kind of monster made of concrete and steel. He just admitted, under duress, that he has no control over it any longer.

Now Asai is in time-out, where he should be.

Right now, I only have a few people who can help: Mom, Kaori, Julie, and Haruko. I'm sure Mir is stalking around here somewhere, too.

The beast braces itself as its foot lands hard. The thump rivals that of thunder.

"Let's just-" Kaori peers at the metallic exterior of the monster. "Let's just pack up and leave town and let the humans deal with it."

"Kaori, No." I say, curtly.

"Let's call Ultraman!" Julie exclaims, unhelpfully.
"Who?" I peer back at her.

"Sweetie, Ultraman isn't real." Mom pats her shoulder.
"H-He's not?"

"Can we please focus on what we can do?"

>Like maybe fight it?
>Maybe I can trap it in a card?
>Stay away, see where it's going first
>Maybe.. make another card?
>Tell me about Ultraman.
>I don't know.

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Haruko and I strain to try lifting Julie off the ground with our flight-powers.
"HRRG- Okay! Stop!"

We both land, then we stare at one another.

"Julie! You're heavy!"
"I'm not heavy! You're weak!"

"Enough!" I slap my hands onto my knees. "This isn't getting us anywhere! We need to think of something different!"
"Maybe Julie should eat a salad..." Haruko pouts.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today's the day. The day that I finally face my father and restore peace to my life.
So far, it hasn't been dangerous, just.. really annoying. It's hard to explain.
The dangerous part seems to be the next challenge I'll have to face. On the horizon, a stone giant is being magically assembled from concrete and rebar. I'm not an expert on weapons or fighting, but I think Asai is going to bring that thing to life and use it to terrorize the town.

Knowing him, he'll probably get inside of it and pretend to be piloting it like a big hero. What a jerk.

First problem is finding him. We checked his company, Fortune HQ. Nothing here except a clown that wanted to kill me. She's in a kind of time-out right now, where I'll probably leave her for a while until she stops being evil.
Still no sign of HIM, though. He's the most important thing in this whole plan. If I can find him, maybe I can convert him into a human and stop this rampage once and for all.

I hope.

Right now, we're trying to see if Asai is anywhere near the parameter, but it's held up by one problem.
"Julie, why didn't you tell us you couldn't fly?"
"I thought you knew!"

I interrupt Haruko's giggling with some scolding of her own.
"And Haruko! Don't make fun of your sister like that! If she can't fly, that's not her fault!"
"So now what?" Julie says, rather dejected.

>We wait for Kaori, she's on her way.
>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies
>I'll go scout, you two wait.
>Julie, hide. We'll be right back

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The girl in the silly hat sits across from me. The tea I set out for the both of us is probably cold by now.

That doesn't matter. What matters now is getting her to understand that I'm not her enemy!

"No." She smiles at me, bemused.
Then she sticks her tongue out at me.

She might be a little hard to convince to come to my side.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I may have just bought myself a little bit of time. Asai has escaped from his prison! I don't know where he's hiding in town, but I do know that the goliath he's planning to use as a weapon is assembling itself. It's a stone titan made entirely of the bits and pieces making up Fortune HQ, if this girl across from me is to be believed.

Speaking of which, I'm fairly sure that this girl meant to stop me before I got too close to Asai. Her form in the real-world is that of a very scary and condesending clown. Fortunately, I happened to make a card that is able to bring both of us to the other world. It puts her in a human form, just so we can have a talk, face-to-face. I'm really glad I made this card, now! Maybe my original plan for it, to make Asai into a human, isn't as far off as I think it is.
If I can just convince this girl that fighting Asai is in both of our interests, maybe she'll let me go. Or better, maybe she'll help me find Asai!

"Now." She props her feet up on the table. "Let me go. We have a fight to finish, Masami!"

Or, maybe not. She's not going to be an easy case to crack.


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