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The Monster of Verum 3/?

>Be me mustafar 15 years old

>I killed that man family but not him not yet

>it felt right

>Justice feels right

>I want to kill that fucker ... but not yet

>What he and those men did to me took away my honor

>Start reading law

>Law evolves but something is allways the same

>Woman must be punish when they disobey or betray man of the house

>Sodomites must be punish becuase they lose tbeir stataus as man when the act queer

>The men that hurt me are not men anymore there fore i was the man in the house

>There fore i was betray by my mother

>There fore i must punish them

>But i must keep training

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well, you're not wrong. In the scheme of things it is simpler just to keep a pistol and a sword since another issue with that design is that it would limit reloading just enough to be a bother/slow you down. And in the end, you're only going to only get a single shot off the pistol.

and samurai should have been a tank, but clearly Square Enix had other ideas.

you could get away with a multi shot pistol. I mean, look at old Colt Single Action Army revolvers before catridged bullets came along. You got six to even nine shots in some cases, which is cool, but then you basically had to reload each chamber like they were muskets of their own.

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Do you think it would be feasible to kill a big ass troll with pic related?

I'm developing a setting an anon's made, about a world filled with trolls of all kinds and sizes; and both sentient and not. But while doing so, i've discovered that the setting lacks "something". I think its more sources of conflict.

I've thought on mixing the thing with some western tropes (revolvers, rifles, etc) and also a drive to expand and tame a wild land; which will make stumbling with monsters more frequent, and also to introduce a driving force on the setting: aquiring gold and riches, getting a place in a new society and surviving on a world filled with bandits (or becoming one of them). I thought i could import the revolvers and rifles too, and substitute rapiers and flintlocks.

Does it sound cool or wild west and trolls are too sick of a mixture?

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pretty much this.
Fair enough, you know the original idea of "dex allows for AP" thing was meant to be a proposed fix for the Revolver itself, so the damage would have been even lower, but still meant to help it appeal to people as a cheap sidearm with reliable damage output regardless of what you fought.

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