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>There's only like, two pieces of Katya

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[] both cos I'm too tired to argue.

"About as well as can be expected, I guess." You respond, pointedly ignoring how close she's managed to get.

"Mmh." She responds. "Not well?"

"Mom's gonna kill me." You say, sadly.

"I imagine we will have some disagreement then." She responds.

"I imagine." You grin, leaning back into her just enough to get her off balance for a second- then reversing your position on her. "Miss me?"

"That is a silly question." She responds, leaning forward to try and kiss you- you back your head off just enough to keep her out of reach. "From a silly pilot."

"That's not an answer." You point out.

"Of course." She says, as you let her off the wall and the two of you share an embrace. "I am distracted by worrying about Anya, but I missed you all."

"We missed you both too." You say, after a second. "So what's going on for the day? Should I go get the girls up?"

Katya frowns. "You shouldn't have let them go back to bed after breakfast like that." She says. "You spoil them."

You shrug. "I seem to have a habit of doing that for people." you respond- and she grins again.

"Perhaps you wouldn't mind allowing them to sleep a bit longer, and spoil me some?"

"Hmm. I'll have to think about it."

You don't have to think too long though- it was a long flight, and you're sure the girls could use the nap.

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[x] Support team could be here soon, let's give them a call.

"Call the support team in." You say to Ice, who nods. "I'll get on the horn with the docs and- shit what time is it in cali right now anyway?"

"Bout twenty one." Ice says, getting up. "Better use their home phones."

You have to wait for Ice to get off the phone to use it- she just nods at you when you pick up the handset. "They're on the way, Frank, but it'll be an hour or two."

You nod as she walks away, punching in the first number on your card- Dr. Reed's home number. You don't get an answer, not even a machine, and hang up eventually, instead trying her office.

She picks up almost immediately. "Dr. Reeds office. This is Dr. Reed." She says.

"Dr. Reed."

"Mr. Bishop!" She responds, sounding surprised. "I'll admit I hadn't expected to hear from you."

"I didn't expect to have to call." You respond. "But I've got a problem." You quickly explain what's going on, and the steps you've taken.

She waits until you're done before talking. "Ok, it sounds like it could either be a chemical withdrawal or an infection in through that soviet hardware. I'll get Ritsu up here and we'll get a new set sent down to us. Can you meet us here? We'll need a couple of days to stage this anywhere else."

"I don't know if she has a couple of days." You respond, looking back over your shoulder at the room.

"It'll have to be San Diego if it's anywhere, then." She says. "We can have her in surgery just as soon as you're off the plane, if you get her here."

"What about the support team?" You ask. "Maybe they can help her."


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So, let's see... news.

Not much here, actually. I looked over the planned notes, and, unless you guys do something really wacky, we're probably in the last several threads. I don't want to say for sure, but probably no more than 10-12, give or take. Kinda weird, huh? haha. Anyway.

Archive here:

And as a heads up I found a recipe for coca-cola bourbon chicken wings I want to try, so we may get a delay while I make myself some dinner. Or I might just order a pizza, who knows? haha.


The girls, well, Stasya and Lilya, are both very interested in cooking, you've noted.

As the gauze and burn cream now decorating you and the pair of spent fire extinguishers can also attest, they're positively magical at creating unintended catastrophes. They also seem to have a fixation on hot sauce; Tabasco or Louisiana brand, it makes no difference. You suspect you know who you can 'thank' for that.

You've got them under control now, with Katya supervising them, along with one of the house witches, on peeling and boiling potatoes. You've noted the immediate presence of a military medical kit- one of the big, backpack-style ones. It's sitting within easy arm's reach as the witches instruct the girls. You're pretty sure they won't need it, but at this point, you're not entirely certain of that.


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So, news.

Not sure if I told you guys yet or not, but there's not going to be any thread on the 14th of July. I'll be out of town visiting some friends, and won't have time to plan or set up a thread for you guys at all, even if i end up with time to run one.

Sorry about the last couple of delays and cancellations, feels like it's been a while since I actually ran a thread, haha!

anyway, archive here:


"So what do we think?" You ask from the bed, a copy of the New York times in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. You'd seen no reason to get up when Katya had, your judgment call proving the better when she came back with the coffee and the paper.

"Of?" She asks, poking her head around the corner of the door to the bathroom, making sure to make it clear she's in a state of what you'd call 'advanced undress'. More to the point, topless, at least.

"Anya." You respond, without staring too long. Even after last night- your paranoia had necessitated making sure the girls were well and truly asleep before doing anything, which in turn meant you stayed up far too late with Katya- she's really, really nice to look at. Even nicer to feel, but you don't have time for that right now. Far, far too late, and you were already kind of hurting from spending time with Ice and Slider earlier in the week, though, to be fair, you didn't try and protest, and you can't say you regret the decision.

Though you're thinking Ice's ball gag may have to become part of your traveling gear. If you hadn't have known any better, you'd have said she was trying to wake the girls.

She sighs, disappearing back around the door and emerging a second later, wearing a pair of ranger panties and not much else. She shakes her head. "I am not certain." She says. "She does not seem to be trusting you as her sisters do."


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Let's see, news.

So I'll be going on a bit of a vacation next month, so we won't have a thread the 14th. Might not have one the 21st either, depends on how I feel after the drive. Keep in mind, I do most of the work for a thread over the weekend, and it looks like I'll be spending the majority of the 18th on the road, hahaha. Hard to set up a thread on the interstate!

Raikov 4 is delayed again, sorry about that. Working on a thing for Planefag's KCQ- I think you guys (Those of you that follow it) will like it. at least, I hope so!

Anywhats, archive here:


The blackhawk had landed there in the parking lot to take you, Brigitte, and Katya aboard. Really, it was a pretty impressive showing by the pilot. The lot's got powerlines on two sides and a building to the front- not much room to work.

The guys aboard- you're not honestly sure who they are- shot you a confused look when you'd climbed aboard with Brigitte, though they'd seemed to recognize her, and apparently didn't want to question her about who she was bringing with her. Of course, you're pretty sure your navy whites gave it away. They'd handed you a vest, one of the heavy, armored plate carriers, and you'd slipped it on, taking off your jacket and figuring that was another couple hundred dollars pissed away. Dress uniforms aren't cheap.

You'd been about to lift when Katya had climbed on, the look in her eyes severe enough that no one argued. She'd looked at you once, then held out her hand. You didn't even have to ask- you handed over your rifle and vest without a word, watching as she slipped into it without a problem in the cramped confines of the helo's bay.

1/3 (probably)

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Haha, bit of a later start than I intended, sorry. Got caught up planning a meal for the weekend. For myself, I mean.

Incidentally, I think our next MC will be able to cook. haha.

Anywhats, no real news here. I've got an ask.fm account, so we won't be doing anymore Q&A sessions in threads, unless i either get really bored or planefag drops the ball somewhere. Either is possible, though. hahah.

Archive here


True to her predictions, you and Katya had about fifteen minutes of time alone before the girls were knocking at the door, complaining of bad dreams again. You hadn't even started undressing- a shame, really.

You were just a little suspicious- they've never really disguised their general dislike of Katya, though they've never really acted on it. You suspect that's more because of you than anything on their part- they tolerate her for your sake, as it were. Clearly, this does not extend to allowing you time alone with her for any longer than a few minutes.

You were going to send them back to their beds, perhaps sit with them until they were asleep again, but Katya beat you to the punch, telling the both of them it was ok, they could sleep with you tonight. They'd looked suspicious at the generosity on her part, probably not expecting it. To be fair, you weren't expecting it, either. Still, neither of them complained, sandwiched as they were between her and you. You decided, after they'd fallen asleep while you and Katya had remained awake, reading, that you'd have to say something, eventually- this kind of behavior can't continue forever. You've been willing to let it go till now because of how little you know about their past, but it won't be healthy to ignore it, either.

1/2 (I hope)

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So, news.

Nothing really big. Work continues on the next installment of Raikov, probably another couple weeks on that though. Suppose we'll see.

Archive here:


The train ride from the Torun station back to Berlin took the better part of the day. Far too long, in your opinion.

You'd embarked at 04, being driven to the station by Slider- Ice had helped you help the girls pack for the trip, then gone to bed. You're thankful the roads were empty at that hour, and never thought you'd be so glad to get your shoes on the ground.

The train was far from full leaving Torun, with a mere handful of passengers, military and civilian. As it passed through other Polish towns and cities, it gradually filled up. While travel in Europe is still significantly reduced from pre-war, it's picking back up.

You'd finally arrived at Berlin, near the Schonefeld airport, where you'd been directed to meet your driver here in Germany. You're only a little surprised to see Katya standing next to Brigitte when you step out onto the platform.

They both smile when they see you- Katya starts towards you, but pauses when you hold up a hand and reach back, helping the girls down off the train and onto the platform. She was forewarned they were coming, you're sure, but you think you see her smile falter a tiny bit when she sees them. She probably thought you'd be coming alone, and had hoped the girls had changed their minds.

1/2 (I think)

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[x] Going to do one last look-around down in the hangar, then probably rack out.

“I'm going to go do one last look around down in the hangar,” You say, as Nixon nods, “Then probably rack out.”

“Good plan, son.” He says. “Don't fiddle too long down there, we need you to be squared away on this one. These folks could have a lot of answers for questions we're running into.”

You nod, not responding.

“Alright, son. Go take care of your things, then get yourself to bed. We both know how hard sleep can be, but we both know you're going to want it.” He says, dismissing you.

You walk down to the squadron's hangar, noting that the twin's jet is all closed up, and now sits next to yours on the pavement, ready to go. Ordinance techs are already swinging open the bays and driving their crane and cherry-picker over, ready to load the dorsal stations. A rack of AMRAAMs sits nearby, towed in from the ammo dump.

Your ground crew is there, though the chief is nowhere to be found. Several striker racks- the newer ones- stand empty, their witches up familiarizing themselves with the new superstrikers and their systems.

You're only there a minute when they start returning, however- Goose is in first, looking quite sick, but happy all the same. She waves at you, and you return it, watching Mav and Rosalie follow her in. They're trailed by a slightly weaving Katya.

Mav and Rosalie set down about the same time, Goose just after, as Katya weaves her way toward her rack slowly, helped by a pair of ground crew. Rosalie looks pale, and Goose has to be helped out of her strikers, with Mav giving her a piggyback ride down the ladder and across the floor to you.


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[x] I might go talk to Katya about it, see what she says.

You shrug. “I might go talk to Katya, see what she has to say.”

Ice nods. “Fair enough. And if anyone's going to know about the Soviet convept of acceptable risk, it'll be her.”

You grin. “Among other things she'll probably have to say on the matter.”

Ice laughs. “Yeah, I'm sure. Well, ok Frank. If you need me, I'll be in the hangar most of the day. I'm sure the paperwork is piling up, but I needed a break.”

“I think,” You say, opening the doors for her as you leave the chow hall. “You're one of the only people I know of who think of hard physical labor as a break.”

She laughs, waving as the two of you go different directions- You head towards the rec center, while Ice heads back for the flightline.

The base rec center isn't that bad- a couple pool tables, a large TV, some arcade games. Along the back sits a piano, with Katya at the keys. She's not playing, just kind of sitting there- the room is otherwise empty.

“How is it there's a piano at every place we've ever gone?” You ask, causing her to start and twist to look at you. You grin at her. “Seems like a hell of a thing to ship around.”

She shrugs. “It is a thing among witches.” She says. “What brings you to me now, Frank? It is somewhat early to be alone togther, yes?”

You laugh. “Anytime, anyplace.” You respond. “And no, I was looking for an opinon.”

“Ah, this I can help you with. What of?” She asks.

“VDNI.” You say, taking a seat nearby. “Merlin thinks she and I should get it.”

“Hmm.” Katya says, standing and taking a seat nearby. “What are you thinking about that?”

You shrug. “I'm not sure.” You say. “Slider's against it, Ice seems to be undecided. There's a lot of risk, especially since we don't really know what would have been acceptable risk for the guys that made it.”


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This one?

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[x] “We'll carry the gifts over”

“We'll carry the gifts over.” You say, after thinking a second, and Slider smiles.

“Good!” She says, happily. “I was hoping you'd say that, some of that shit is heavy.”

“I figured as much.” You say. “That's why I was just gonna hijack a truck from the lot and use that.”

“Better you than me, anyway.” Slider points out, and you nod- her driving is probably classed as a war crime somewhere.

The truck- one of those little GMCs that seems to exist on every airbase ever inhabited by US pilots, sits alongside it's twins just outside the hangar. Used for just about everything, from moving crew to moving aircraft parts and the occasional small bomb, they're ubiquitous.

What they aren't is comfortable- the three of you cram into the cab only barely, with the shift on the floor poking up between Merlin's knees. Fortunately, the drive is short.

Inside the house, you have to hunt down the presents- instead of doing the sensible thing and putting them all in one closet or something, they're squirreled away all over the house. You catch a lucky break when Katya agrees to help, and pretty soon you're relatively sure you've gotten everything. At least, you hope so, though you suppose if you missed something, whoever's present you missed can come back and grab it themselves.


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[x] How about you, Katya?

“So what about you, Katya?” You ask. “You've never really told us much about yourself.”

She shrugs. “You had not asked.”

“Well, we are now.” You say, leaning back in your chair again with a grin.

“There is not much to tell. My mother was already in the air forces when I was born, my father was never a figure in my life. She never spoke much of him, and indicated I was the result of a single drunken night.” She grins. “She always made it clear that she did not regret it. It was difficult, however, as she was assigned to many posts while I was young, I never had a chance to make many friends my own age.”

She pauses, then looks at you with a smile. “I grew up surrounded by pilots and witches, the hangars were my playground. Mother always said it was in our family, expected of us. Grandmother was quieter about it, she told me once she only went to war because it was the only way her father would really be safe.”

She shrugs again. “It was no surprise the Moscow academy 'requested' a 'witch of my upbringing' to attend. It was covered up when mother refused them, and instead sent me to Leningrad. She did not trust the academy, there were too many... unsavory rumors.” She looks back at you and Wendy. “I imagine now that after we have met some of it's pupils, the rumors are true.”

“Leningrad academy was not bad, I had a chance to make some friends.” She looks up at the sky. “We were the youngest class tapped for Afghanistan. After that... conflict, I am not sure making friends was the correct choice.” She shakes her head, looking back down at you. “I was transferred home with the last to go. When I arrived, I found orders transferring me to Vladivostok."


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[x] Everything's going good! We're going to have a birthday party for Wendy.

“Everything's going good!” You say, taking a folding chair of your own and tossing Merlin a poncho liner from your flight bag as she takes a chair of her own. “We're going to have a birthday party for Wendy.”

“A birthday party?” Katya echos.

You nod. “A birthday party! It'll be fun.”

Katya shrugs. “It will be fun, yes, but how are we to get the things for one? It is not as if we can just have cake and balloons and presents flown in with our next resupply.”

“We've got a pair of P Sixty Sevens.” You say, grinning. “And I'm only on nights right now, so as long as I can wiggle the crew rest, I'm ok.”

“We also are having excellent cooks.” Katya points out. “And it is more practical for them to be making the cake, and easier too.”

“But what about presents!” You ask, then look at Wendy. “Wendy cover your ears.”

She covers her ears, smiling as she does so.

“What are we gonna get her anyway?” You ask.

Katya shrugs. “It is your idea, Frank. It is your responsibility.” She looks sideways at you. “You will take responsibility, yes?”

You should have had Merlin cover her ears.

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Ah. Have a reference then.

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Right, so. sorry about the slight delay, we've got a line of scattered thunderstorms rolling through. Nothing real worrying, though we're under a couple of weather advisories for flash floods, I think. no big, i can swim, haha.

Anyway. Archive here:

Oh, and total aside: Is there any interest in a second Brigitte quest? I might plan one out if there is, if not, no big.


The Louvre, you've decided, is about as interesting as the National gallery was, back in London. Which is to say, not terribly.

You've spent most of the day in the painting collection, 'admiring' the works- You still don't really quite get art, to be honest, and you think Katya's just going through the motions too. She's mentioned that she had classes in the arts before- part of her time at the academy- so maybe you're wrong and she's actually able to appreciate them for what they are.

Honestly, she's actually been kind of close mouthed about herself since her revelation at Barin- you'd been briefly worried you'd said something wrong, but she hasn't been acting like it. If anything, she's been closer to you than she has been since the crash in California, which is a welcome change.

The two of you weren't able to see Jean-luc leave- you'd tried to, but that section of the rail station had been closed off, with guards posted, and arguing the point wasn't going to achieve anything. You imagine you'll run into him in Poland.


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Let's see... news.

May be in Charlotte over the weekend, so next week's run may be short, but we'll have to see. Even if I don't go out there, the weather's been unseasonably nice latley, so I might go get some time in on the field. Fulda's gonna hurt if i don't hahahaha.

I take that back, Fulda's gonna hurt regardless. oh well.

Archive here:


California should have warned you. It should have let you know the doom that would befall you in Paris. Instead, you ignored it, and now here you are, trapped.

Katya, her head tilted to the side, puts a fist on a hip and repeats her question. “Does this dress make me look fat?”

The dressmaker here has been more than happy to work with Katya- it's been a long, boring day for you, though. You'd considered heading over to a nearby tailor's, though for what, you don't know. Your dress uniform- hilariously out of date- is in the hotel room, just in case. You're pretty sure you rate a couple ribbons that aren't on it, but they're not all that important, really. Ideally, you won't have to wear it, but by the way Katya's acting about buying dresses- and make no mistake, even this tight-fitting black one wouldn't be out of place at a formal event- you're afraid you will.

The dressmaker- herself an older woman, one Rosalie had directed Katya to- stands off to the side a look of knowing pity on her face. Rosalie had said she'd been one of the 'almosts'- a term that set your teeth on edge when Katya had explained it. The woman was 'almost' a witch, able to manifest a familiar, but, like Merlin, unable to interface with strikers. Her daughter, you've discovered, isn't a witch at all.

She'd apparently known Rosalie's mother, and been employed by the Kent family almost exclusively for their civilian formal wear even since. You wonder how many times she's seen this exact scene played out before.


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The interrogator’s expression didn’t change. Raikov suspected that in his line of work, he had heard, and witnessed, far worse things than she had described. However, she was amused to note that the witch behind him looked sick to her stomach, and was fidgeting a bit.

“Is something the matter?” Raikov cooed. “Your neck looks stiff. Perhaps you’d like me to massage it?”

“I’m the one asking the questions here.” The interrogator growled, regaining control of the situation. “And I assume at this point you officially transferred under Colonel Volgin’s command?”

“Yes. Both me and the Colonel traveled to all corners of Afghanistan, clearing out Mujahideen filth wherever we could find them.” Raikov smiled. “We had such a grand time, with our superiors turning a blind eye to our activities, and having no ‘Geneva Conventions’ to fuss about. We both took the news of the pullout very hard.”

“Odd. I was under the impression most Russians were glad to get out of Afghanistan.” The interrogator said.

“Weaklings. All of them. Had we stayed there a few more years we could have wiped that entire country clean!” Raikov sighed. “Compared to back then, this current war has been INCREDIBLY dull.”

“What do you know of your fellow witches, then?” The interrogator asked. “Katya Litvyak?”

“A traitor and a weakling.” Raikov sniffed. “She was one of those witches who applauded the retreat, and then had the gall to go and join the enemy. I have nothing more to say about her, other than I’d very much enjoy having the chance to kill her myself.”


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So, let's see, news. ahh... oh, right.

Planning a couple oneshots, if there's any interest- we'd be playing as the sherks (yes, because of shark week, and yes, I know it'll be late) and Brigitte (I've been watching way too much Justin Wilson for my own good). If you guys are interested, hey, let me know, if not I'll just shelve them and we can chug on with the main storyline.

Also I'll probably be taking a couple breaks in the next couple months- not next week but week after, I'm spending at least Saturday in Charlotte with a girl I know, and the first week of October I'll be getting back from AWA. Since I do most of my work on the weekends, that means we probably won't run those weeks, but I'll try and keep you guys informed.

Anyway! archive here


As it turns out, You and Katya are far from the only service personnel in the hotel- in fact, most of the current guests are NATO officers on leave from various units. This has made going down to lunch in one of the attached cafes was nerve-wracking, even with everyone there on leave.

“Too much brass.” You say to Katya, having finished your meal. “Place is making me nervous.”

She laughs. “This is not so bad. I was once invited to view victory day parade from the Premier's box in red square. I did not stand next to him, of course, I was too low rank then, and even with Litvyak name, I would have never been allowed that close.”

You wince- to your mind, that's probably comparable to being invited to watch the Superbowl with the president. Only a lot more propagandized. Part of you wonders if that's going to happen anyway- you kind of hope not, and you think you've avoided the public eye enough that it shouldn't.


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[x] Let Katya handle it.

You stand there for a moment before Katya picks up on it. “I am Katya Litvyak, Leningrad academy and of the United States Navy coven. This is Frank Bishop, guardian of witches. We are here to pay our respects to the coven of Paris.”

“Ah! English!” the witch on the right squeaks, blinking. “You're here to pay respects?”

Katya nods. “Yes. We are on leave here, and have letters of introduction if they are necessary.”

The young witch nods, and says something to her partner. “This way, please.”

She doesn't ask any questions about you, which kind of surprises you, to be honest- you're used to getting strange stares when you go anywhere involving witches.

She leads you upstairs and towards the back of the building- you don't get much time to look around, before she stops in front of a door and knocks politely. A muffled response makes it's way through the door, and she opens it, revealing a classroom.

About a dozen desks line the floor, while an older witch stands in the front, giving a lecture. The students look to be about Jessica's age, maybe younger, and they all look at Katya, then you, with curiosity painted on their faces.


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So, let's see. news. uh... I got nothing. well, mostly nothing, I might end up having to call the run short today, but I'm not sure. We'll see.

Archive here:


“So how's this going to work?” You ask Ice. You and Katya are sitting in her office- partially packed up, now- across her desk from her, your travel bags by the door. You're both in civilian clothes, your leave time having officially started at 00:01 in the morning when you were asleep. Barring a massive shift on the front, it'll last until the same time next week, too.

“Ok, here's how we're going to do this. The squadron is going to be shifting forward with just personal effects to Sperenburg, a Luftwaffe base in the eastern part of Germany. We'll get theater briefings there, handle most of our admin work, then head forward to wherever it is Admiral Nixon wants us. While we do that, Merlin and your fighter will stay here with a few of Commander Laroux's witches. When your leave is over, you'll both come back here and join us in Poland.” She says. “it means we'll just have to pull you up to speed in Poland, because you won't be getting the time at Sperenburg.”

You nod- it makes more sense than trying to move the Wyvern to meet you wherever with the rest of the squadron, and Barin is secure enough, especially with Brigitte's girls here.


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The weekend was totally insane, so sorry if the OP isn't quite up to the usual. We may end up running long again, not sure, we'll be playing that one by ear.

Archives here:

And the pastebin character sheet is here:


“Jessica.” You greet your sister- remarkably levelly, considering she just tackled you off your chair and onto the tile floor of the old castle kitchen. “What brings you here?”

“Well I was hungry” your sister starts from astride your chest in her typical, punctuation less way of speaking, “and Kat said we could come down here and she'd make some sashimi and her sashimi is amazing have you tried it I don't know where she gets the fish but it's really really good anyway so we came down here and you're here with Katya and HI KATYA and so we had to say hi and what are you doing down here before dinner anyway miss Mack might get mad!”

“I doubt that.” You say, rolling her off you and standing up, gingerly rolling your shoulder and wincing- not dislocated or sprained, thankfully, but it's still a bit sore from where you landed on it. “As opposed to, say, me, I might get mad when I get tackled off my chair.”

“Yeah whatever.” Jessica responds, tossing her head. “Anyway are you still hungry cos Kat said she wanted to teach me how to make sashimi and I asked about sushi too but Kenji offered to teach me and Kat said he can't cook but I'm not supposed to tell him I said that and I kind of don't want to anyway and no one here can make a good burger except Patty and she doesn't cook much you should make her cook more and anyway why are you grumpy?”


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