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> I will kill you if you look at my back!

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But on a more serious note, have Lunars be what Lunars are meant to be:

The shadowy terror lurking on the edge of the village at night.
The loyal pet who mauls their master one night for no reason anyone can think of.
The itinerant mystic who takes the soul of the local Dynast in a complicated fertility ritual.
The legendary beast that guards the summit of Mt. Hightop.
The dashing rebel uniting the tribal peoples, like T.E. Lawrence.
The backwoods woodcutter who is secretly a master craftsman, his words alone working wood and metal into some of the finest weapons ever seen.

You know. Cool shit that's more "innawoods" than Solars.

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Genre shift! have a chainsaw elf!

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When you take a background besides drop-in, does your identity influence your life before the ten years of Jumping time begins?

Or do you just wake up one morning and realize you're a century-old trans-dimensional Jumper?

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Anyone got Fantasy-Tech 1? So much shit they shell out I don't even know about.

For that matter, be happy it's not 3e, where the Katana literally WAS a Superior Nippon Ultimate Greatest Sword Weapon, unironically.

But fuck swords. We got chainsaws. Weapon Master chainsaw with massive ST. Win forever.

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