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>Love is a lie: Ethics and the school of Enchantment

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Coal. Lots of coal, nothing but coal, coal always and forever.

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My own sorceress would probably ask him why he's milking that bullshit when she knows he has the magic to fully transition whenever he damn well pleases. Then after applying liberal amounts of mind control she might well do it for him/her.

Also, if the evil plan was not a variation of using language magic or time travel to make those pronouns accepted, she'd chastise them for lack of ambition.

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One of my favorite characters was an Enchantment focused Sorceress named Mary-Annette. She insisted people use the whole thing as her first name.

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>Her ancestor was seduced by a fey creature
>When she was born, she had sorcerous potential
>The fey decided to kidnap her at infancy for a game
>They placed her in an "artificial" village
>The entire population of which had been kidnapped from other places and charmed/mind controlled to get along and not question this
>She thought it was a paradise
>Eventually the church got wind of this and sent paladins
>Paladins broke the main spell, but half the village went crazy and either attacked them or danced to exhaustion
>During this, her magical potential awoke
>She tried to make everything go back to normal (for her)
>For a little while the fighting stopped but soon the spell faded and it resumed
>She managed to escape the village in the confusion
>Now believes people can't get along unless they're forced to with magic and that magically induced love is the only truly unconditional love
>Adventures to prove her delusions correct and recreate her childhood village where everyone got along perfectly

Fey, not even once.

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Well she doesn't know how to use a sword so she'd probably give it to one of her charmed friends and be extra careful about the spell not ending. Then probably tell them to kill all her enemies or something.

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I once had a character that was mind control themed, specialized in charm spells specifically.

Her backstory (tl;dr version)was that she'd been kidnapped at infancy by Fey because of her sorcerous potential, and then placed in a "utopia" style village where everyone was under charm spells to get along. Eventually some Paladins got wind of this and broke the spell on the village, which basically shattered her life up to that point. She came to the conclusion that only magically enforced altruism was real because it was 'unconditional' and that all other love or kindness was self serving in some way.

She had a habit of charming people, including party members, and wasn't averse to being charmed herself. She did end up charming the party's Ranger and Witch (with their players' permission, of course), and generally terrified the Barbarian and Inquisitor. In one case there was almost a fight when the Barbarian confronted her about it and the Witch got pretty defensive of her best friend, but it was eventually diffused via some gentle orders to stop fighting.

Alas that game fell into scheduling hell and died shortly after, but it was fun while it lasted.

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I once had a character that believed enchanted love was the only "real" love that was completely unconditional and that anything else was varying degrees of selfishness or otherwise had ulterior motives.

Never went anywhere since the campaign died, but it was pretty fun while it lasted.

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Not at all. A hedge mage is a witch informally sanctioned by local authorities or wandering wizards. They never went to study at the College of Magisters, but they're useful to the local community, and confirmed to be too weak to accidentally open a gate to the Demonrealms.

Technically they should still be detained and taken to the capital, but this far out in the wilderlands who's gonna complain?

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>As an infant Mary Annette was kidnapped by Fey, and replaced by a changeling. She would later learn that the main reason she was taken was because at some point in the past another Fey had seduced one of her ancestors and the thought of having a budding Sorceress to play with was too good to pass up. Since they didn't feel like raising this child themselves, however, these Fey decided to place her in a foster home, in the most entertaining (to them) fashion they could. They picked a random town, dumped the child into it, and cast Enchantments on the population to force them to love and care for her. Notably, Mary Annette was also Charmed during this period. She lived in this "paradise" for a while, growing up used to being treated like a princess.

>After several years, however, the Church of Graeus learned of the strange cult that had sprung up in the small village, and sent Inquisitors to investigate it. As a result, the magical hold on the village was revealed, and a purge began on the villagers under the Faeries' sway. Some fought back with single minded aggression, others stood still as if dazed, and still others broke into unending song and dance until they were cut down or collapsed from exhaustion. During this period, Mary Annette's sorcerous powers awoke as she tried to return everything the way it was, and for a brief moment it seemed as though she had, as villagers and Inquisitors alike stopped their fighting to come to her aid. Eventually, however, the magic holding the people appeared to fade, and they awoke from a dream that had lasted 15 years.

>With no remaining magic, and the blame for the cult resting solely on her, Mary Annette was forced to run away and disappeared into the forest, once again spirited away by Fey creatures. It was then that she learned who was truly responsible for controlling the village. This occurred 4 years ago.

This was my character.

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My Sorceress gets shot in the face for breaking the laws of magic. The Witch attempts to befriend him and possibly succeeds. The Fighter, Barbarian and Ranger haven't done anything that would anger him, but are unlikely to win in a fight post Skin Game.

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You give and you get anon, that's what this is all about.

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