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I have, I am relatively on course with the /fit/ strategy, but it's hard to do as efficiently as some of those autists do. I burn out a lot of energy and strength doing rock climbing, which I have no way to do tracked progression on, can't really correlate it back to lifts. The plan also basically says you can't stay up late drinking on fridays which is a high price to pay.

I've recomped about 20 pounds of fat into 20 pounds of muscle more or less, over the last two years though.

Surely Khorne has some secret strategies though

I hope this is the .gif I think it is

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You got me

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>Most people think the best game is Shogun 2

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>transhuman prototype

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At this rate this thread might end up being up to 400+ replies before page 10.

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I didn't really betray the party or anything, these guys were just kinda dumb

>Join new group, they urge me to play a Cleric or Paladin because they need heals
>Rest of the party is a bunch of glass cannon multi-classing warlocks or rogues or something, but they all assure me they're good-aligned and a LG Pally is fine in the party
>join up, the first thing they do is decide to contact the criminal underground and get a job to make some money
>I'm a LG Oath of the Crown Paladin who hails from the city they are in, worked in the city watch for almost twenty five years
>I'm really just perplexed and silent IC and OOC as they plan out a heist on the city's biggest bank right in front of my character
>they go to bed for the night, heist tomorrow morning
>tell the GM in private that I want to slip out and contact my old friends in the city watch to come arrest these assclowns
>GM won't let me, that would derail the session
>GM tells the group, group gets mad at me for trying to rat on them (despite none of them knowing I was doing that, this is all pure metagaming)
>I'm really just stupefied that my cop paladin is getting in trouble for calling the cops, offer to re-roll to a treachery paladin or an oathbreaker or a trickery cleric or fucking whatever
>"No evil or chaotic characters allowed anon"
>mfw this entire session

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read the second line

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>Go over to friend's house to play traditional dogs
>He has a bunch of large games

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>Born too early
>You will never be a space trucker

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>riled up
>orky durability
>fire points: none
>perfect unit
>"did me mention that he's mad"
>only invulnerable save also effects enemy models
>can't get any worse
> does

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DoWIII didn't make anything great.

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Those greasy cunts..

I was in the military for quite a long time, not scared of anything people call food.

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>Shadow Run

Edition war bait

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>GM: Okay, for the entire party to proceed YOU (and only you) have to pass 4 -30 tech use checks
>Pass one
>Fail second
>GM says: "Failure"
>Fail next, no gm response
>Pass next
>go back to first failure, try again - no gm response
>go to next failure, try again
>GM: You fail, and your Mechadendrite and Combi Tool break because you spammed tests

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Both books have a real special place in my heart

Then some cunt stole them

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>ywn get a Shadowrun sitcom
>ywn get a Shadowrun tv show or movie of any kind

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>Most people like lewd CYOAs!
>Furry Haters are a minority!
>PvP haters are a majority!
>No, most people dislike lewd CYOAs!
>THEY are all samefags!
What are you going to do with those numbers? Start a democracy? Shitpost until /cyoag/ dies?

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>has anything to do with what's "legal"
This misunderstanding, every damn time. It really should've just been called "order." Does the character generally take actions that bring order into the world, or chaos? It's as simple as that.

>marauders pillage a village and burn it down
>brought chaos and destruction

>marauders demand regular payments from a village under threat of violence
>brought a rigid, structured order

Doesn't matter that they aren't behaving legally. Law and chaos are forces that don't give a damn what's written on sheets of paper.

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Because Wastes means the pleb swarm is all building dank colorless meme decks, and /tg/ hates whatever is popular.

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