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I'm in a weird position with my hobby. I've got a ton of models that I want to finish from my Dark Angels army and my Death Guard army, but I have a hard time working up the nerve to finish them since I have so much to do.

I made the mistake of purchasing all the models very quickly instead of only a box or two at a time, and basically gave myself an obscene work load. Pic semi-related.

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>lvl 18 gestalt party
>Paladin/Grey Guard/Fist of Raziel//Crusader from ToB
>Paladin/Hellreaver/Knight of The Chalice//Favored Soul
>Exalted Bard/Heartfire Fanner//Favored Soul
>Ranger/Cragtop Archer/Foehunter//Divine Mind with undead as favored enemy

Our party is literally build against undead, but it's a CoDzilla we are talking (let's suppose it is not using epic spells for the sake of sanity). Lvl 30 is high enough that none of our dispelling will work, and the vampire cleric probably has means to come back multiple times. A CoDzilla strategy is to buff himself to hell and up, but we have a lot of sustainence from healing and a lot of damage (the ranger and pally will do 400+ damage per round).

That is, if we use strategy, which WON'T be the case. Probably the bard will teleport as soon as things look ugly so she won't die. The ranger don't like will save items, so the vampire will easily dominate him, and since he also has Humans as favored enemy, the paladins are toast. And since I know they won't retreat...

Yeah, we are screwed. Totally and royally.

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A dwarf on my party had a magic die that had infinite effects.
After about four or five rolls she had fucked her appearance up pretty badly.
She decided that one of the effects might be a reset.
Rolled again.
Turned into a male drow.
One last roll.
Lightning strikes and disintingrates her.
This happened right outside the gates of the city that they had been trying to get to for the entire quest.

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Pic related.

A succubus is at least understandable.

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What? No! Dear god, no! The Celestial Incarnae are equal parts damaged and screwed up to me. I may be a Solarfag, but even I think the gods are messed up - their crack habit with the Games of Divinity and the whole Solar bond thing anger me on a very personal level. I'm also of the mindset the Great Curse sped up the problems in the First Age leading to the Ursurpation, instead of being its sole cause.

Honestly, I'd break into the Jade Pleasure Dome and personally set the Games on fire while singing Don't Stop Me Now over a microphone. Sure, I probably wouldn't survive the process, but damn it, it'd be worth a try by itself.

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It is funny to picture, yeah. Imagine what their notes must have looked like. It was probably like pic related.

Anyway, I just need to type up Human-Chozo Physiology and then perks are done. Then it's onto Power Armor and Items. This jump will be done before Christmas.

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Fuck me, you're absolutely right.

Disregard me, I suck cocks.

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I am writing a website for a class project and am tempted to turn it into a blog for my 40k/AoS stuff to use as resume fluffer. How bad of an idea is this? If it isn't completely retarded, what would be good ideas to have on it? Perhaps things like bits lists for conversions and painting? Thanks

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>A different ship closes in on you from behind and matches fields, probably trying to disable your engines. It doesn't do them much good as the moment they match up with yours they're struck by tendrils of lightning from your topside turret, ripping open their bow.
Pilot's face when.

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What's the most retarded character you've ever seen somebody play? What's the most retarded character you've ever played?

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Dwarven wine! Homemade, so you know it's fresh-

"Wah!" Compa's eyes widen, and she holds the flask like it's a ticking time bomb. "W-Wait, I'm not- I'm not allowed to have alcohol! I think!"

You squint at the busty nurse/alchemist/mad scientist for a moment before remembering that in Gamindustri, everyone is either 1) eternally seventeen, or 2) an old hag, and the drinking age is /weird/. You shake your head. N... no, that's cool. You're an adult-


What's with that look? You're a dwarf! You're supposed to be short, dammit.

"O-Okay! I'm sorry!"

As you were saying- you're an adult, and you say it's okay for her to drink.

"Okay! Um, in that case-"

... and that's how you came to be standing there, watching a completely blitzed Compa sleeping in the chair. She's just... lying flat on her back like an exhausted salaryman home from work, arms akimbo and legs propped up on another chair.

See, what's impressive is that it's only been, like, ten goddamned seconds, because Compa downed the whole damn flask in a panicked frenzy before you could stop her, and went from 60 mph to zero in no time flat.


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I've played multiple games in the gundam universe and I can assure you that it works just fine.

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>pc plans

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Whenever we get together I play with my dad and little and brother. It's pretty kick-ass.
My first game of shadowrun was with them.
>Dad GMed. Flipped through the rule book, ignored the shit on availability and point limits.
>I rolled up an elf shaman. College drop out, alcoholic, anarchist, power to the people type. Weak and dumb as bricks but pretty good with magic.
>Brother rolls up dwarf infiltrator/street sam. Takes a chameleon jump suit and the Aries City Master, riot control vehicle as well as shitloads of armour increasing bodyware. He used to be on the Aries payroll, when he "quit" he took some toys with him. He had squatter lifestyle, living out his armoured tuck which he had partially converted into an "authentic" Mexican food stall.
Our characters met when mine tried to stop some sort of mob deal. It ended in a firefight (of course) the little old lady I was trying to rescue pulled a gun on my elf, dwarf shows up to kneecap her. They become bros and head back to elf's place for a couple beers and forgot the whole old lady thing ever happened.

Naturally explosions and car chases ensue.

We had some pretty kick ass games.

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The three of you (four, if you include Neptune, which no one does) spend the next few minutes hashing out a preliminary plan. Frankly, it'd be a heck of a lot easier if you had someone on hand who actually knows squat about thrust, guided (semi-)zero-gravity propulsion, velocities, and all those other fancy science words. As it is, you're familiar with cave-ins and minecart physics, while Doomgirl and Tiff know all about high-impact gun-related violence and rocket jumping.

Unsurprisingly, the solution the three of you come up with involves simply strapping as many guns and explosives as you can to one end of the space rock, arranged in such a manner that it'll probably aim you in the vague direction of wherever you want to go. The Engineer aspect of Tiff's divided mind has just enough moxie in him to make it so that you can actually /steer/ a little, hooking it all up through some method that's far beyond your limited dwarven comprehension (although you suspect that it involves more guns).

You're sure that nothing bad will happen on the space rock's manned, brake-less voyage through a crowded hyperdimensional void, jam-packed full of OTHER space rocks, and you all agree that this is an /excellent/ plan.

[ ] [PICK UP CHICKS] Make a detour to try and find Thravar, like you'd intended to do earlier.
[ ] [TEST DRIVE] Let's- let's actually see if this ramshackle mode of propulsion actually WORKS before driving it toward anything squishy and/or irreparably damageable.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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Tiff's first two shots go wide- or rather, they're MADE to go wide, as writhing orange tendrils of light zap them right out of the air. One bullet even ricochets past your damn ear, disappearing into the void somewhere above your head. Just as you flinch in belated reaction, Tiff sends a retort right back at Myrra, and THIS one takes her right in the shoulder, the impact snapping her floating form a few steps to the right-

- but that's all it does. Myrra's face grows pinched, but the cheating no-selling bitch doesn't even stop casting. You spare, like, half a second to wonder how the hell she always DOES that. Seriously, you, Rokko, and the catgirl adventurer Moru tried to kick her ass an entire lifetime ago, and-

Shit. You're not going to make it in time. You're running as fast as you can, and you're not going to make it in time, you can see it in that bitch's triumphant sneer and FEEL it in the suddenly-heavy air. Why the hell did you ever think you would make it in time? You've got short dwarf legs, they're not gonna-


- goddammit-

[ ] [NEPTUNE ASSAULT] Draw on Neptune's power and kick Myrra's ass.
[ ] [NEPTUNE DEFENSE] Draw on just enough of Neptune's power to not die.
[ ] [NOPE] Don't draw on Neptune's power at all. This is the fate you chose.
[ ] [THROW A ROCK] Same as [NOPE], but with the added bonus of making yourself feel a little better by being spiteful.

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chaotic neutral

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>this entire thread

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>Brother Wamuu
>Brother Satana
>Brother Kars
>Brother Esidsi
My body was not ready for this!

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