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>Does your party survive? How?
The location of the snipers has already been noted in advanced by my experienced trackers. I send a fraction of my thousand of men at arms in bulletproof full plate (the term "bulletproof" comes from the Napoleonic era so it's more likely than you think) forward to draw fire from the snipers. After having exposed themselves by opening fire, they are struck down by the lucky peasants with crossbows who are just behind the men at arms. The few survivors who didn't open fire and choose to stay put and/or retreat are finished off by my big tiddy thicc thighs tight abs toned arms ninja housemaid who is also my assassin who is also my loyal and overprotective wife with slight yandere tendencies who is also my spymaster. She collects their heads and delivers them to their master as a warning.

How foolish, to assume that I am ever unprepared for a band of murderhobo "adventurers" trying to take my head as a prize. Such arrogance, to think that my elite band of warriors can be outmatched with such a numerical advantage. But to their credit, how could they have known that 40% of them would meet their end at the hands of a mere housemaid shanking them with a sharp, rusty handshovel?

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ABSOLUTELY RIGHTEOUS. The kind who campaign against the forces of darkness, but also tell children to eat their veggies. The kind who are just as likely to publically execute serial killers as they are to read children's books to impoverished orphans. His favorite is "The little Crusader who could (retake the Holy Land)"

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Overhaul the entire system, use Carolingian legends as the basis rather than jacking off Tolkien's sloppy seconds over and over.

Clerics are effectively the "wizards" of the setting. They worship God (capital G) and channel miracles, which can both heal and rebuke evil. Wizards, druids, shamans? They're all the cleric counterparts of the pagans, and have a lot more focus on flashy things like summoning the favored creatures of their heathen gods or summoning fire. Through extensive study clerics also become masters of non-physical skills like the knowledge skills and sometimes even survival and charisma-related checks. If you're upset about upsetting American creationists or whatever, replace capital God G with some generic monotheistic being.

There, clerics are now neither healsluts nor CoDzilla. Because if you want to go CoDzilla, you go paladin (especially in a Carolingian setting).

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>Leave eros with eros and thanatos with thanatos.

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>Both factions are assholes
The pagans have weird shit like human sacrifices, rape cults etc.
The attitude of the christians is pretty much "dude, we're just trying to help you. We wouldn't have to torture you if you'd just renounce your baby raping ways!"

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If that man was wearing a suit of armor, he could ignore his abusive wife's puny fists. He clearly needs a night armor if only for his own protection.

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You still have the chance to go to the holy land and have your sins be forgiven

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when done without coercion and with full knowledge of the consequences

Ethics are meant to guide or suppress motives into something helpful, or at least less harmful.

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