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paintlet lmao

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With rise of 3D printers we can make our own Warhammer.

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People really think 40k with it's tons of factions and sub factions and jillion rules being written abd balanced by 3 interns can really be a balanced game when giants like Starcraft or LoL with way less complexity, way more money/resources and totally digital are constantly tweaking and patching their content


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Totally. Think up a wrinkly, shrivelled dude wearing barbarian rags and stuff out of a dumpster, paint in red and brown and that's half of Blanche. Though he does have breddy epic stuff too ngl

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Tell me about /Your Dudes/

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Gotta say, scale differences in armies never bothered me. Having a 32-scale Hero next to 28mm rank and file, or even a mix of "Heroic" and "Proportional" sculpts between different units - doesn't bother me one bit. People in real life are vastly different sizes, after all, and the availability/scarcity of nutrition in a medieval setting would exacerbate this. If it really looks too much, then I just throw some models on elevated bases, like a boulder or something, to break it up a bit.

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Really good for shading and adding general grime to stuff.

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FUCK MAN.. I WANT TO BE FREE OF THE GW WAY OF THINKING SO BAD. But my brain literally can't process NOT doing "base, layer, wash, highlight" GET ME OUTOF THIS FUCKING CAGE MAN!!!

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edge highlighting is for faggots

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Burnt umber oil paint.

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Eavy Metal is a shit style and does not fit with Warhammer.

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Edge highlighting is for fags.

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You can tell they let the studio army painters paint this instead of 'Eavy Metal. Not that 'Eavy Metal looks good or anything but still.

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How do I Blanchadsu my Necrons up? I've already got them looking dark with Leadbelcher drybrush over black and some washes of brown and black mixed. I also went with the classic green eyes/gauss so that's down. It just feels incomplete and like it needs to be dirtier but there's only so much you can do with Necrons, I think.

What do? Random streaks of dark red? Purple? Brown? More brown? I'm going for sinister menace.

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>he hasn't taken the Blanchepill

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>highlight the model more
>'eavy metal cucks


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Anyone that powergames any Warhammer game is a faggot. This includes people asking for netlists, 'how my list look, guys???', 'best loadout for???', etc for any system: Necromunda, MESBG, etc.

If you play GW games competitively you are a faggot. All narrative. All the time.

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C'mon Vampires!

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I agree. Rewrite the fluff, AND THE RULES.

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