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>winter witch + winter witch prc
>Not abusing the flaws in the rules, and instead making a Crossblooded Boreal/Marid Sorcerer with a single dip in Winter Witch so she can advance both her Sorc casting and Witch class abilites at one with the PrC.
Step it up Cryomancers!

Or you can just pick a Wizard instead of Sorcerer if you want to be SAD

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Holy shit somebody else who played that. I built a Cleric of Nethys based off of Gii in Pathfinder. Would have gone Summoner, but fuck Summoners.

Ati is mai waifu.

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I am playing a Cleric of Nethys in a PbP game. Quarterstaff + Guided Hand = cool as fuck.

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This guy just drew one of my characters in a draw thread the other day. He's fucking awesome.

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did some rough rendering

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