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>Fluff wise
Make them minor nature deities/spirits (as they originally were). An elf is not an almost human, it's the personification of nature that humans(Sentient beings) can understand. Elves don't summon dryads,sylphs,salamanders,etc. Elves ARE those things. and in fact, wood elf, wind elf, fire elf, are called properly by their elemental names, as an elf is naught but an elemental made flesh.

Drow don't exist as the "dark elf". Myrkalfr are elves of night time/darkness/dusk.

Dwarf is an improper name for for a Gnome, which is a dirt/underground/cavern elf. These are more swarthy, and only slightly shorter than average elves. Keep miner motif going on, but whole scottish midget thing dies.

Midgets are midgets, faerie are something else completely. All are human sized unless transformed.

There are different types of elves, wood elves, snow elves, light elves, dark elves, but it ain't just a +1 modifier to something.
Elves are closer to their original class-race status than anything. So if there is a class based system, elf is their class and race, and it shows. It should be like dragons, or vampires in Ad&d. Age makes them monstrous, and they are natural casters/fighters/skilled.

For all intended purposes, elves are a nordic nature deity, not unlike the kami for japan. As kami are to yokai, Elves are to faerie folk. The top tier.
How doth one balance that for gameplay? Ad&d did it by separate experience, but I think that having something like a mandatory class until mastered can do it. Like, multi classing, or choosing another route outside of the racial class/skills/whateversystem halts one's progress and it is extremely hard to start back

As far as abilities they gain, it should be spellcasting first, with their environment-element dictating what spells they naturally get (Ala druid circles/Cleric Domains)
Then, physically, they are pretty human-like, but as far as technique, being ageless+ naturally more mental gives them a crazy edge.

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With elves reach the age of 25, they are the same height and weight as a seven or eight years old child. For the next 60 to 70 years in a state of autismal self involvement as their brains struggle to adjust from an instinct driven infant only just able to walk and perceive their environ, to a sapient and sentient being.

During this time of adjustment their senses are in disarray and they are more spiritually and psychically aware than they are when they become functional youths/near adults (they have Detect Alignment, Detect Magic, Detect Psychic Significance, and Detect Poison constantly, and cannot communicate as if under the effects of an Aphasia Spell). Teachers can set them down and teach them, but they must be taught through repetitious rote, rather than actually understanding what is being taught to them. They live in small creches, kept safe from harm and outside interference. They can form bonds, and these bonds grow and decay over the course of decades as they are trained and taught whatever the current elven mentors and teachers are interested in teaching. This gives them a breadth of experience that human children do not receive, and when they start showing interest in specific types of teaching they are given more complete training in those areas. Magic and combat are commonly taught during the last twenty years of this time of their life.

When they reach 80-90 years of age, they start becoming more sapient and capable of controlling their senses more effectively. This is also when they start to be able to communicate effectively, and they slowly become more and more interested in specific talents, training, and often class abilities that lead to adventuring. Elves are exceedingly protective of their children, and their creches are fiercely protected and guarded. Often there is a well trained warrior and a well trained wizard in attendance to a creche whose duty is to kill the children if necessary to prevent their enslavement.

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Well, natural armor does count as armor I suppose....

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>implying you can fix perfection

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Because I, unlike you, know the difference between games and reality.

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>Elves are often described as being a race in decline

No no NO!

That's a mistranslation - Elves are actually a race *on an incline*.

It's the weirdest thing, no matter how flat the surface an elf is resting on, they always seem slightly tilted This is probably most notable in how anything hanging from an elf eventually comes to rest slight off from the direct vertical, so hair, jewelry etc... all hangs slightly off what it should be.

This is also why they suck a bit at complex technology - a lot of advanced technology and science relies on the use or integration of pendulums and balanced weights, which always go awry when an elf goes near them.

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I like mine exotic in both mindset and social structure.

YFW you realize an elven curve blade is just a katana.

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Me. What are you going to do about it?

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Because someone made a banner of it and you're the idiot who keeps thinking it's a kewl may may.

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