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>Start of Out of the Abyss module
>Party hasn't met, currently all enslaved by drow
>Cockamamie schemes let us kill our guards and free each other and the other imprisoned NPCs in the room
>We have none of our stuff, many of us have equipment vital to have any chance of escape and personal affects we want to find before we do
>Get past a few more guards and rooms, one NPC dies unlocking a trapped chest, I'm just a level 1 cleric and cure wounds doesn't stop the poison
>Come upon a room where we have a chance to sneak and peek in, inside is an altar, a huge spider statue, a drow priestess and two guards in prayer

>My pacifistic halfling cleric vouches for moving on since there probably wasn't any of our stuff in there anyways and didn't want to die
>The sour dwarf fighter agrees
>Sorcerer doesn't give a fuck and is just following our rogue
>The rogue wants us to get the jump on them because he's totally sure his stuff is in there
>Of the remaining NPCs, the sour drow reluctantly follows the dwarf since he doesn't want to do anything, the baby myconid shuffles up to follow the rogue who befriended it, and the wererat gnome child I'm trying to protect shakily grabs a dagger and wants to avenge its sibling (who the rogue got killed, the reason we had a chance for the jailbreak)
The 5 of us go into the room, I'm only there trying to convince them to turn around and then support them
>The Sorcerer charms one of the drow and runs out of the room with him
>The rogue is trying to fight a guard, poorly
>The myconid is jiggling excitedly
>The priestess is slinging spells, webs up the wererat kid
>A giant spider emerges from a pile of pillows and blankets behind the altar, they were pacifying it
>It crawls up behind the guard the rogue was fighting just after the rogue falls unconscious, finishes him off
>Priestess is striding up to the child with a dagger, I need to make a choice
>Grab the kid burrito and haul it out while a giant spider eats the rogue

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