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I would argue to embrace the anachronism to a degree. Keep it whismical and just modern enough in sensibility that people feel comfortable. Like reading a Terry Pratchett novel.

At the same time, you want to make sure the reason for a guild itself blends in well with the setting. Is it just a really fancy mercenary agency trying to put a new shine on the concept in a world where mercenaries are common?

If so, why are mercenaries common? Does the idea of a professional military just not exist yet? There's certainly historical precedent for that, so you've got room to maneuver; ignore "local lord with lads in full harness," memes. There were time periods where state-maintained professionals just outright didn't exist, and armies were put together at-need by gathering all your famers and telling them "get a little more familiar with your spears boys, we're going to get some exercise this summer."

Then you need to figure how there's enough business to justify an adventurer's guild. Are you often doing actual mercenary work as we'd identify it nowadays (ie fighting other people)? Is the world especially overrun with monsters? That's a popular reason to justify why there's always work for dangerous people. Why are there always ruins worth diving into? Is your world dozens of thousands of years worth of civilizations building on top of each other, or are dungeons something wicked and eldritch and otherworldly that keep popping up for whatever reason no one's figured out yet?

If you can balance the right light-hearted pseudo-Pratchett feel with fully integrating the idea of the guild into your setting, you can keep that campaign going pretty strong for a good while.

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So much exhasperation for some harmless suggestion that doesn't harm anyone in any way

Anons need to control their blood pressure

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It's part of the dopamine release cycle for pedants

I mean, look at what this forum is and what we're commenting. Surely not a place for well-adjusted people

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>divine favor
What? I don't even remember there being any gods in LttP. A church, yes, but no divine forces other than the Triforce itself. Besides, you don't need to be a paladin to have the gods on your side, and Link is neither sworn to an oath nor part of a knightly order (or any kind of order).

Link's motivation in LttP is to save Zelda because his uncle told him to, then it's to defeat Agahnim/Ganon because Zelda told him to.

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Right or left, I'm a tranny, which means everyone in this thread is getting out-posted and out-filenamed by one.
Stop arguing and contribute.

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I'd love to live in Hyrule. Comfy as hell.

And I hate Warhammer factions. I know its the whole point but the brainwashed stupidity and hatred of the setting and its factions drives me up a wall.

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Alright folks, it's STORYTIME. Finally got some use out of that copy of Emerald Spire.

My party of intrepid adventurers includes an NG Blue Psion (Nomad), played by a guy who has only ever played martial characters of various stripes before. My other player is a Peri-blooded Aasimar Zweihander Sentiel, currently using a bardiche, who fell into TN because he got all the angel blood bits that like LIGHTING THINGS ON FIRE and almost none of the JUSTICE genes. With them, by the request and consent of my two players, is a TN Aasimar Inquisitor of Freya (War domain) who's been professional, if enthusiastic, thus far.

Players come to the town of Crossroad Glen (renamed from the module), a frontier town beset by chaos and savagery, whose defenders - the Black Thorn Knights - are pressed too hard and too thinly to do everything themselves. The party members hear that the Commander of the local forces will be announcing a particular bounty that afternoon. The Blue is asked by his father to attend the announcement to further good relations in the loose alliance between his tribe and the Black Thorns, while the Warder attends looking for work.

Commander announces that they need a tribe of goblins scoured out of the Emerald Spire. Immediately, eight faceless mooks from the crowd go "Fuck that" and leave. The Commander goes on to explain that any who wish to take up this bounty will receive their Writ of Service free of charge, as well as no tithe on their loot for a season (defined here as three months and three days), a modest gold reward and the promise of further work. They need only bring her the corpse of the leader of the goblins.

While the other adventurers are debating, this Blue just runs up and volunteers immediately. Our Warder also steps forth, since this is his in to get the Writ without having to pay an arm and a leg.

In walks Astrid, the picture of red-haired Nordic beauty, with eyes in every shade of green. The Blue immediately develops a crush on her.

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Herbalism kit
Fishing gear and tackle
Small flask of oil
Silver Hunting Knife
A flintlock pistol and enough powder and pellets for 5-10 shots
Water skin
At least 2 Jars
Pemmican. No one ever packs Pemmican. Enjoy your Scurvy.
1 extra set of underpants and socks.

>A pocket full of seeds
>>For fooling vampires and feeding birds.

You. I like you.

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Haha, yep. Not a perfect plan, but it was something
>Also it was a little dumb
Anyways, it never really went anywhere, and you do raise a good point. Its screwy even as a basic concept.

When I ran it, PC's were a Moblin who wanted to be the hero, and a Shiekah assassin/traitor to the throne. Man, shit would have been cash when they got to the dark world, woulda been endless skulls from the war to reclaim the sacred realm and shit, Moblin societies & shadow demons that were the Shiekah that didn't pledge to the throne N'shit.

I know its not really on topic by now, but what's your ideal campaign structure for a Zelda RPG?

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Ultimate packing!
You can make any container hold twice its volume in contents!

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Dear Fellows DM's and Players,

>DM's who have a specific campaign and storyline already organized and established beforehand for PC's to advanced and play through


>DM's who don't have any "storyline" per-say, but instead have a completely open sandbox world where the story is written as the players themselves interact with the world and write it themselves.

Which do you prefer? Why? Pros? Cons?
I'm the Second one myself since I'm addicted to world building and I've got to say the only problem I personally have with it: It's made the PC's very interested in every single persons problems and they almost never leave the "small scale" stuff.

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Why are you using a Torch when you could be using an Oil Lantern?

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>How would you organize your adventurers, /tg/?

An Adventurer isn't hired because of it's number or military superiority.

An Adventurer is hired because of their unique set of skills and their efficiency in completing difficult tasks with a very small organized group of roughly 3-5 people.

Do you want to buffer your military forces? Hire Mercenaries.

Do you want someone to go out and steal x or kill y or locate w? Hire an Adventurer.

When you hire mercenaries you're hire platoons, regiments, and small armies.

When you hire adventurers you're hiring individuals. The Adventuring industry is a lot more personal and competitive on a very individualistic basis.

Adventurers can be anything from: Bounty/monster hunters, archaeologists, burglars, scholars, missionaries, zoologists, naturalists, murder-hobos, gypsies, bums, entertainers, travelling chefs, etc.. etc..

It's the diversity that makes all the difference.

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Seriously, I think I was like, 200 lbs over my carry limit in utility items.

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Bumping with random art

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Can't go wrong with the classic tunic and boots.

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