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"Oh, you want to change back now?" Asai VERY SHARPLY taunts the monster that stands almost twice his size. "You want to change back?"
Uh oh, He's about to say something rude again.

Asai smiles with that big toothy grin,
"Make me."

There goes that table I was planning to have dinner with the family.

The beast stomps right through it, trampling it to splinters.
But.. he finds himself stopped. His hands centimeters away from Asai.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
Everyone is difficult to work with but me!

Why can't everyone be as agreeable, easy going, and smart like I am?

I've captured Asai, who is apparently a half of a person. I've also captured the other half of that person, who looks like a giant building. Those two people form the entity known as "Tower". They were split when the original 'Tower' made a rude remark to the chairman, who was his master at the time.
Then, in another twist, it turns out that wasn't the reason at all? That some part of Tower wanted to ditch the 'baggage' that the other half held, and that part went on to become the Asai I know?

That's.. how it was explained, but it raises a lot of questions.

One of which, how do we put Tower back together again if this is the case?

I don't know, but if I can't figure it out soon; that monster may crush Asai!

That's... a bad thing. I guess? Maybe?

Uh oh, the metal beast is yelling again.

"Pfft, you were always such a drag." Asai teases, being very careful not to touch the monster despite being so close. "You NEVER wanted to help my brothers or sisters. You just wanted to keep your head low, live your dumb; uneventful life, and be known as a loyal servant."

The monster is trying to grip at him, but is still fighting some invisible layer surrounding Asai.


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"This isn't right.. Please let me go back home." The girl on the couch cries. "I'll never bother you or your family ever again. I'll move far away and you'll never have to see me again. Just please let me go outside."

This looks really bad.
It's worse because Mom had to come in and see this display.

"Masami.." She says, I can almost hear the edge to her voice. "What did you DO?"

I might be in a whole lot of trouble.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I am NOT A KIDNAPPER.


"Well?" Mom scrutinizes me. The girl on the couch cuddles her knees while sobbing.
"Mom!" I stamp my foot, "This isn't what it looks like! She's the clown from Fortune! I needed a place to keep her because she was getting in the way! She's just pretending to be all sad and hurt to get me in trouble!"

"Masami.." She seems more irritated than ever. "Kidnapping is WRONG. I can't believe I have to tell you that! Am I a bad mother? Why wouldn't my daughter know that keeping people somewhere against their will is wrong?"
"No! But- It's- Totally justified! We were fighting!"

"I don't need excuses!" Mom puts her hands on her hips. "When all this is over, I want her taken back to her home!"

"C-can I go home now?"

"Stop pretending like you're all hurt! There's nothing wrong with this house! You're just doing that to make Mom mad!"

"I-is that a no?"

HOLD ON, wait a minute. There's bigger problems at stake!
Like how Asai is right outside, in the real world. This place only exists in the 'other world', a magical plane of reality.
Plus, if we're in here, that means everyone in the real world may be in trouble. I don't even know what he's doing right now, and Mom is busy scolding me over this little liar.

>Insist that you're innocent!
>"She's just lying! She was threatening me last time I was here!"
>"Serves her right. She did the same thing to Cirrus!"
>Try to remind her about Asai.

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Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/E9ZihSBV

We walk inside our house as Kaori immediately jumps up and nearly tackles Mom. Cirrus still seems nervous, what with having been recently kidnapped. Aiko and her sister emerge from the guest room to see what the huge commotion is about.

"I see everything worked out." The serious-looking man on the couch says, standing up and beckoning his son. "Then I think we all have preparation to do."

I am Itsukuma Masami. The principal is right, we've wasted nearly half of the day and we're not any closer to finding a solution to our Asai problem. He breaks out of his prison today, and no one seems to have a really good solution.

I'm about to try my first plan. Which was creating a card that can turn Asai into a person, as he's apparently a human-shaped monster right now. After that, we can just hand him over to the police.

It seems like a good idea, but results have been mixed. I've been able to turn a monster into a human, but not KEEP him as a human. That seems like an important detail I need to fix.
Speaking of which, that same monster is still sulking in the corner of the room. He really wanted to be a person, too.

"So, what do we do first?"
"Well first;" Mom interrupts, "You're grounded from sweets for the rest of the week."
"What!? Why!?"

"Because. " She takes the cookie jar I set down on the table and puts it on the refrigerator. "I think your excuses for your sweet-tooth are cute, not acceptable." She huffs.

>"But MOOOOM!"
>"I'll argue with you later! Let's talk about everyone's plan and see which one is the least crazy!"
>"Kaori! Back me up on this! I'm a good girl!"
>"What about my card idea!? Don't you think that's the best idea?"
>"Were you serious when you said we should stay away from Fortune, earlier?"

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"THIS is Masami?!" The monster, covered head to toe in spikes, stops.
"It's fine, she's not going to hurt you." Maeda tries to console him.

"Um." I'm really confused right now.
Then Kaori walks over to him, starts talking with him, and he reaches for her head.
"HEY!" I shout at him, he immediately recoils.

"How does this help!?" I snap at Ryouta and Maeda.
That's the monster's cue to run back, hiding in the hallway.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
My friends say they have a plan to take down Asai? I don't know what it is. But I'm kind of skeptical.

"Masami! Chill!" Kaori glares at me.

Maeda and Ryouta are also glaring at me.

"What? What did I do?"
"Masami.." Ryouta sighs, "This is the monster that made the bracelets."
"And you just scared him." Kaori is pouting.

"How is that my fault?"
"Well you didn't have to be so loud!"

"You know him already, Kaori?" Maeda tries to lighten the mood.
"Well, we lived in the same mansion." She tries to see where the monster went. "Tarou is the twin of Jurou, that big guy back at the mansion with the huge fists. They were once one monster, but father split them into two. Tarou got the brains, Jurou got the brawn."

"Also," She suddenly seems unamused. "Tarou is a huge coward. As far as I know, he's been living in the basement for the last couple of years. I tried taking him outside once, and he nearly clawed my arm trying to get away."

"Seriously?" I'm skeptical on how he can help.
"We just found him wandering around. Why did he come outside now?"

"Who knows." Kaori sighs.

"In any case," I try to steer the topic back onto course. "How is he going to help anyone?"

"Masami! Weren't you listening!? He made the card devices!"
"Those haven't been really helpful so far."
"And-! He was making an even better version before the chairman was injured! One that didn't even need cards!"

>How is that possible?
>..Can he show it to us?
>This sounds fishy.
>I don't like this.
>Wait how can a 'monster' make these things?

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com
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"Ugh, did Mom seriously try going to work?"
"She did, I almost had to flag down her car."

Kaori rubs her temples as she eats breakfast. I stand up and stretch my still-weary arms.
My whole body is sore after yesterday, and it feels like I could have slept way longer.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Yesterday was terrible, and it had me traveling miles away to confront my best friend's mother. At the very least, she is very understanding once someone sits down and talks to her about her problems. I just wish Aiko and her sister didn't get wrapped up into them.

But, that crazy problem has been solved. So it's time to move on to bigger problems.

"Hey Mom." I walk over and nudge her shoulder, "Are you going to help make that card?"
"Of course."
"Then, would you be willing to use our monster friend as a test subject?"

My eyes widen, "What? What's wrong?"

"You don't use people as guinea pigs, Masami." She crosses her arms.
"Wait! He's not a guinea pig! I just thought we could try it on him!"
"No, no testing on live people."

My mind tries to think of alternatives that might be acceptable.
"What if- what if we try testing on a monster that-"
"No! No testing on live people! That's very bad!" Mom pouts, "I'll be ready to help in a few, just let me get everyone set up for the morning."


I go back over to Kaori, she seems apprehensive.
"What are we going to do now, Masami?"

>"I'm going to do it anyway, he volunteered so it's not like we're torturing him, right?"
>"No, I'll listen to Mom, she probably knows best."
>"Maybe I'll go try to find ANOTHER monster, wasn't there one at that mansion still?"
>"I don't know."
>"Any Ideas?"

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"Does Aiko have any fighting skills?"
"She doesn't." Aina is starting to swell with tears. "But Mom said she would try with her anyway, and if Aiko doesn't work out, she was going to come back for me."
'Doesn't work out'?! What does that mean?! I don't like Aiko's mom very much, anymore!

I am Itsukuma Masami, and my best friend has been taken by her mother to go fight a huge monster! Oh no! This is really bad! Aiko's sister, Aina, is trying to explain the whole thing for me as best as she can, but she seems to be having problems with it. With the way Aina is telling this story; I'm not even sure that her mother wants Aiko to succeed! What kind of crazy person would do something like that!?
"Aina, I need to know where Aiko is! You must tell me anything you know!"
"She took her to train, somewhere. I don't know how to explain it, and I've never been there."
"You have to try, tell me everything you know about this place!"
"It sounds really crazy, okay?! It's like.. in another world.. or something. I don't even know how to get there."
In another..
Oh, I think I know how to get there.

From that, I'm not entirely sure. The 'other world' is a HUGE place, but there is very little inside of it. I didn't even realize normal people could get there, and I used to think that I was the only one.
Maybe Aina is mistaken, and Aiko's mother isn't there at all. I don't have a whole lot of options to explore.
"Come on."
"Hmm?" Aina looks up at me.
"I'm still taking you home! It's not safe here just in case your mother DOES decide to come back!"
"Oh, okay."

>Take her home myself. I have some questions for Mom anyway.
>Have Julie or Haruko take her home. It'll give them something to do.
>Call Mom, have her come pick Aina up.
>I'm wasting time! Just take her with me.

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"Will you two PLEASE let go?"
Julie hangs onto one of my arms, while Haruko hangs onto the other.
They continue to glare daggers at one another. I can only sigh and try to squirm away from them.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today, I've rescued my mother from an evil building filled with evil monsters!
It turned out that much of the problem I was having was being caused by my best friend's mother, who wanted to destroy the building and possibly me as well. Also Asai.

Now, two of my cards which have turned into people grabbing onto my arm and arguing back and forth. I have more important things to think about! Like how Fortune still exists and is intact. Or how Aiko's mother, Marie, is still here and is not happy about me saving her!
But right now, they choose to argue.

"Where were you when Masami was in trouble, anyway?!"
"I was busy saving her mother!"

"Oh yeah? Well your dress always made her look fat!"
"Oh YEAH? Well your suit always made her look like a boy!"
"Pleeeeease stooop, you two."

Aiko's mother, Marie, adjusts her voice.
"I must retreat for now."
"Hold on!" I free myself from the twins. "I got questions for you!"
Marie points up.

I turn around to notice that the gigantic Fortune HQ building is different! The entire building is now humanoid! It uses one of its stone limbs to pound against the glowing bubble that is imprisoning it.
"That barrier I put up will only last a couple days at most, but I don't want your help. This is a task for Aiko and I."
"WhwhwhWAIT!" Aiko squeaks, "Why me?! When did I volunteer!?"
"When you were born. This is our families' duty."
With that, she grab's Aiko and starts dragging her away.

>HOLD ON! I still have questions for you!
>You can't just force Aiko to help!
>I still don't get why you hate me so much!

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"..Do you want to talk to Mom about this? She knows a lot about how the cards work. Just show her the bracelet!"
"Um, bracelets. "
Kaori suddenly looks really guilty.
"They're not after me because I took one thing, they're.. sort of after me because I took three things."

I can feel a girly, surprised voice escape from my throat.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and my silly sister has caught the attention of the same monsters she told us not to fight! Is she really that shortsighted? She isn't even telling me why the things she stole are so important to her.

"Why not just.. Return them?" I ask again, incredulously.
"I can't.. I'm sorry Masami."

Yet, she still doesn't tell me why.
"Can you at least tell me what it does?"

She fumbles around with the device on the table a bit before sliding it onto her arm. She stands up and walks over to a cabinet in the room and takes out a single card from the mess of papers shoved inside.
Spinning to face me, she quickly swipes the card across the device on her wrist.

Which doesn't seem to do anything.
"Um. It's kind of hard to show off indoors."

>"What did that do?"
>"Let me try that card."
>"No! No no no, it's not worth it, just give it back to them and they'll leave you alone!"

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The man with the tacky hair continues, "Up until some years back your mother was able to draft multiple cards and spells in a single day. But as the years went on, she began showing her age and frailty. So a year ago we enacted a plan to allow her to retire while still providing a good Draftsman for Fortune."
He leans over his desk toward me,
"I'm sure you see where you fall into this plan, right Masami?"

I see where I fit into it, but I don't like it one bit.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I finally got to meet the man behind the curtain who runs Fortune. After meeting him, there is a part of me wishes I never went through with talking to him. He's every bit the jerk that I pictured him to be.

He feigns sadness, "And the tragic part is, if we don't find a replacement for her, she's going to keep trying on her own."
"The agreement is off! I won't allow you to harm her anymore!"

"It may be off for you, but does your dear Mother agree?"
I look over to her, immediately noticing that she's bawling into the sleeves of her suit.
"So, I will see you at work tomorrow, right Empress?"
I can hear a teary, mournful reply through the crying and the sniffling.


Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart

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I can feel myself dreaming again.

There's a young girl sitting at a bus stop. She looks like she had been sitting for hours. Pedestrians walk past her as if she's invisible. Several times, a bus would come by, letting off passengers and allowing other passengers to board, and then leave without ever considering her presence there.
A man, the one who looked to be her father, walks up to the bus stop. He sits next to her, as she scoots away from him on the bench. They sit, for maybe an hour, saying nothing to one another.
He turns to her, without saying anything, and extends his hand.
She looks away, saying nothing to him.



Sitting up, I smack the clock right off the table next to my bed.
I should really just use the alarm in my phone.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I had a very difficult, very strange day yesterday. I'm hoping, at least for today, everything can return to being semi-normal.
Still, these wayward dreams are starting to bother me. They seem less and less like dreams each night. At this rate, I'm worried I'll start living them instead of merely dreaming about them.

I should wake up and get dressed, Aiko will be coming by any minute now to take me to school.
"Hey Mom, I-" I ask to the empty living room, searching around, I can't find anyone here.

"Oh right, Mom said she had a meeting today, and that she wouldn't be around this morning, didn't she?"
I take my still-warm breakfast out of the oven and start eating it.

Then I remember, it almost feels as if there was something I wanted to do today, what was it?

>Visit Kaori and the occult club, maybe find out what some of these dreams mean
>See the student council and tell them the truth about my family

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It's still quiet.

I am Itsukuma Masami, I'm currently standing in my home's garden, wearing a frilly dress, holding at card in my left hand that can seemingly transform me into the stronger person that I wish to be. Or maybe it just changes my clothes to have more ribbons, it's still unclear how it works, really.
The garden is an orchestra of birds singing, and Cicadas chirping. I can hear my heartbeat slow down to match my breathing.

Mom is staring at me like she is expecting me to say something. I think I may be looking back at her with the same expectation, even though I'm still confused if she answered my question or not. I should try rephrasing it,

"The light that this card was eminating, it reached out and absorbed the monster I was fighting. Do you know how I did that?"
"No, I really don't, sorry." She has a look of genuine confusion on her face

Something about this doen't add up at all.
"Didn't you make this card?" I ask, waving it around between my thumb and index finger
"Oh, no no, I didn't make THAT particular card, I've had that one for a very long time. I've never used it the way you're using it right now." She replies, looking a tad sullen.
You never used it this way?

"Can I see you interact with the card again?" She asks
"Yeah, sure!" I chirp, I actually feel proud to be able to show her something she's never seen before.

I take the card in my left hand, and-
"No, not that one." She interrupts, "I meant the one with the mark on it."


>Roll 1d20, best of three

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Mom is sitting in the doorway of the living room as she stares out into the garden. Her posture is stiff, and rigid. She's completely silent as she does so.
A part of me feels like she should be left alone right now, but the other part of me knows better than that.

I am Itsukuma Masami, I just came home from one of the worst days of school that I can imagine having. Wait, it's the only school day I've ever had. I really hope this doesn't become a reoccuring trend.
I came home with some friends, and we asked Mom some questions. She seems to know a lot about the strange things that have been happening to me as of late.
Except I think we may have asked the wrong questions, because now she's acting all weird and sad.

I walk over to where she is sitting and sit next to her. She leans her head over onto my shoulder. Her face has lost the sadness that I once saw at the dinner table, but she still seems very worried about something.
She takes a firm grasp of my hand, and we both look into the garden together in silence.

>Pick a few questions to ask
>Such as:

>What happened when you were young?
>Do you know what that thing that attacked me was?
>How do you know about magic?
>Are you feeling okay?

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Rolled 14

I'm having another dream again.

There's a young girl standing on at the intersection of a busy street. She's trying to get the attention of anyone who could give her direction. The people continue to walk by her, like she's not even standing there. She has started to get desperate at this point; she's started to tap on the windows of the drivers who have stopped at the crosswalk. They continue to ignore her, nearly running her over a few times as they run through the crosswalk while she's standing there. It's almost as if she's invisible to everybody. I wonder what that feels like?

She looks like she's finally given up, she's not even bothering to ask the strangers who pass by her for help anymore. She begins aimlessly wandering through the town. The pedestrians seem to evaporate around her; leaving her alone on the streets with only the occasional vehicle passing by. She arrives at a construction site that has torn up the road and the sidewalks. With seemingly no way to progress or go around it. I think she just wanted to go home, but I'm not sure if she actually has one.

That girl, I wonder where she wanted to go?


I am Masami Itsukuma, I'm a first year student at my junior high school and I..

I think I'm confused, to say the least.


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