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How do my favorite edgy idiot sons fare in the new meta? Can Night Lords actually do work or are they a joke?

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>Night Lords

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>no lightning

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i see your silly and raise you this

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Allow me to disagree

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Are 20 man Assault Marine squads viable for troop choices with Night Lord's rules? Not the RoW as taking more troops than the three Terror Squads would be silly.

If you took Curze you guarantee 1st turn Night Fighting so all your dudes get stealth and +1 to that on first round for being spooky men from the shadows. This would give a blob some turn 1 survivability to try and get to assault range without getting shot to shit. Not perfect, but better than nothing. Jump packs make your dudes bulky so they count as two models while determining whether they outnumber their victims for the +1 to wound for A Talent for Murder.

I've never really played with jump infantry much so I'm not sure if this would be a viable troop strategy. Any thoughts on this?

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ples help am retard

I'm trying my hand at a 30k list. I've pointed up a list with most of the models I have from my chaos army and added some units I'm planning on buying.

This is using the Rite of War: Terror Assault, so Terror Squads become Troop.

1850 points


5 man Legion Terminator Squad with 5x Combi-plasma and Teleportation Transponders

1 man Apothecarion Detachment

Dreadnought with TL Autocannon

Dreadnought with TL Autocannon

8 man Terror Squad with 8x Volkite chargers, Nostroman Chainglaive, Meltabombs and Artificer Armor
in an Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

10 man Terror Squad with 10x Volkite chargers, Nostroman Chainglaive, Meltabombs and Artificer Armor
in an Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

10 man Legion Tactical Support Squad with 5x Plasma guns, Nostroman Chainglaive
in a Rhino with Dozer Blade

Legion Fire Raptor Gunship with Reaper Autocannon Battery

With no concept of how battle in waged in the 30th millenia, I plan on putting Sevatar and the Apothacary with the 8 man Terror Squad to fly around spooking people with fear, preferred enemy, and precognition.

The second Terror Squad and Fire Raptor will show up after turn 1, hopefully, and spook lesser squads.

The Support Squad will go termie hunting.

I've got a Terminator squad to show up later and crash someone's party or grab late objectives. They can also use Sevatar's Fetish of the Atramentar if need be for no scatter when deepstriking.

Then I have two Dreadnoughts to sit in cover and pop vehicles with. I wanted to take a Sicaran but found out The Rite of War: Spooky Assault doesn't let me bring more than 1 Heavy Support Slot. I'm doubting its effectiveness but it seems like just the sort of gimmick I like.

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