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I still hold faith in the deliverance from our grand skymother!

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I 'member

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has she abandoned us?

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Xs poster reporting

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I wonder how they would react to the cult

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Careful, you'll summon the genestealer slut and the girl-hating virgins will sperg out for the next three fucking days after she posts one time.

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The bitch is not even here and that autistic fucks are having a meltdown

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That thread was weird

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It keeps happening! for some reason I don't get; I didn't see boobs this time around

Post your dudes background updated up to the indomitus crusade!

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The closet DA chinaman fag was worst.

She usually just shitpost at the start and/or end of the thread.

So anything interesting in the stream beside marines confirmed their Squat status

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I swear last time, when pic related happened, the symbol was slightly different

how many contribooters does /tg/ have?

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>>This build relies on armor saturation
It will still have lots of vehicles that will over saturate weapons that are good against them. It would always have the problem of doing poorly against anyone with lost of mid strength weapons like auto cannons or missile pods

>>and near-universal infiltrate/outflank
What's the problem? I've not heard that those rules won't be included

>>and mass Tank Hunters
Again what's the problem? Tank Hunters is no longer as necessary and they may still get that in some form

Basically more sky is falling bullshit

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Shark marines are gay as fuck.
DA are renegades.
That's that.

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