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Better to die a hero than live to see yourself become the villain.

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Dandelion and Dragon
Sumo Rebellion
Night of the dropkicking Dead
Shanghai Moon
Mad Max: Silk Road
Karate Kraut
Motorized Master
Cannibal Monks of Shangri-La
Powaman Fightingu Powa
Crying Corpman
Hiei High
Drunken Novice
Wulin Viking
Prefecture Saga
It is snowing on Mount Fuji
BMX Bandit vs Mao's Bicycle Battalion
Dojo re-do
Wuxing Wulin
Shotgun Sohei
Ninjutsu on Motorcycles
Punching Premonition
Don Bluth's Jadeclaw
Aughound and Cub
IP Hero™
Gung-ho Gundō

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Works every time.

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I don't know why everyone thinks the difference between badass and edgy is simply intent. A character can go out of their way to do something for the sake of it looking good and still be badass, just as something as effortless as shooting an enemy while they're down can be edgy.

There are a number of specific traits that are inherent to edginess, whereas badasses are often just a placeholder for "cool, action-oriented character", and is far broader in scope. Edgy characters almost always are: brooding, with comically pragmatic views on killing others, clearly exceptional in some way, generally like to associate themselves with dark imagery, prone to gratuitously shocking behaviour, self-serving, quick to look down on others and work alone, antiheroes or often "tragic" in some way.
Most important of all, however, is that an edgy character is usually also a very superficial character: whereas a more rounded character can have any combination of the above traits and still be a strong character, if they are backed by the narrative or their overall personality, an edgy character is skin-deep. The traits of an edgelord only serve to look a very awkward type of "cool", not to create an engaging or fun character.
>But so-called badasses are often just the same!
The chief difference is that classic edgelord traits are often thought to be cool because they feel gritty and, in a way, "adult". However, an edgelord rarely backs this grittiness with the maturity needed to make it look cool, so the end result is equivalent of those skinny, awkward nerds sheathing their katanas. It comes off as awkward and over the top, with no real substance to back it up.

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Haven't played Martial Art Bunnies in a while. Have there been any good updates for it?

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True, it's good, and I feel that the Nemesis System was one of the best mechanics of any game in the past five years or so. The problem is that for all the talk of players having a unique, personal Nemesis that hounds them for half the game, I feel that you quickly reach a point where no Uruk can stand against you because you're just so powerful, which means each new captain, warchief, and potential Nemesis immediately gets piled onto an ever increasing pile of Uruk corpses, so they all become interchangeable and boring.

I'm hyped for Shadow of War, but at the same time worried that the same problem will arise.

Does anyone have any good LotR filenames?

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Talent (Chem Geld)

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>Gee, Vult, how come your mom lets you have TWO girlfriends?

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>implying you wouldn't play him for a modern campaign

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Can't find anything, but thanks?

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What do you reckon Jim Profit is up to these days?

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It's one of the Bestiaries. Don't remember off the top of my head which one.

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I'm honestly not sure if the OP's pic is bait or for real. I mean I'd assume it's a joke, then again.

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It's as 5e as it gets. :^)

An now here's the item:
Gray Fox Blade:
+blade mode's behind you
+cuts through all your armor in one hit, and slices you into a million pieces
+you can keep things non personal
-costs 200,000 BP
-makes you look like a noob
-this isn't my sword

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Step up, sempai.

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Good story, Anon

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It's not about the guy, it's about how he's represented, or rather how he's gonna be represented in the movie.
If you have jerk mcdoucheface in a movie getting flak for being an asshole, then everybody is happy. On the other hand, if he's beloved by all for no reason despite being a complete jerk, then you can say good by to your suspension of disbelief.
I believe that Inquisitor Donte would have been more threatening with colder blooded cruelty instead of DAMAGED outbursts. But it's only a trailer, wait and see.

You can be a fedorafag and have actual training. Pic related.


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>Humans are not tools

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>HP style magic wand is the default because I'm a 3aboo

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You sound tough for someone who considers 15 pounds heavy.

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What's the political climate like in the North, and why does it hate the South? What I'm inferring from your posts is that the North is mostly Working Class/Blue Collar that wants to drag the Upper Class/White Collar out of their Ivory Tower kicking and screaming.

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