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>I go to a sandwich shop.
>When ordering, I am offered 12 topping options.
>I don't have to use them, and often, won't, but those options are there in case I want to use them.
>I order my sandwich with only 4 of those options, but my friend gets 8.
>Each of us can also add our own toppings if we want, as long as we took the time to get them.

>Next day I go to a different sandwich place.
>They have only four options.
>Those options are also not mandatory.
>I order a sandwich with all 4, and my friend does the same.
>Mine is fine, but my friend has to add a lot more of his own ingredients now.
>We both took the time to add what we wanted, but my friend had to take a lot more time to get what he really wanted.
>He complains.
>Everyone yells at him for being a lazy autist for wanting more than 4 toppings so that he wouldn't have to work as hard.
>I am similarly ridiculed for still being happy with the 4 they've provided, but idly mentioning that the other place has up to 12.
>The customers here not only don't want 12 options, but think the idea of offering 12 is actually worse than offering 4, for some reason.

Is anon actually braindead?

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I'm dying for some actual news. I am actually surprised at how little we got during this most recent preview.
Drukhari and Dangels are supposed to be out in about 3 weeks, and we have extremely little.
They announced a campaign book which is meant to involve two factions that don't even have codexes yet, and those codexes haven't even been addressed in the slightest.
We still have a couple teased-but-not-fully-previewed models floating around, like the Ork and the Skitarii that we know fuckall about.

Does anyone know just fuckin anything about what the future releases will be, and when they'll be? Is there any semblance of a perceived schedule of releases for the coming codexes? Are we to expect additional delays over the course of the next few months?
Why does GW constantly blueball the players so fucking hard all the fucking time holy shit

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These threads come up every so often, and they interest me, but they're always so fucking devoid of the actual complexities of the issue, and it shocks me how little critical thinking actually goes into peoples' decision-making regarding the concept.
Every anon just seems to take a hard line based exclusively on principles and not at all on practical application of the concept in terms of dollars. Does anyone really give a shit if their GM wants 5 bucks for a session? I mean, practically, not in principle. Does 5 bucks *practically* affect your bottom line?
Because seriously, this is true, most people fall somewhere in the middle between "No money ever" and "The GM should charge whatever they want."
And there are tons of other contributors too, like if that money is going back into the game by buying terrain or miniatures to create a better product, or the PCs are paying because the game affords them more flexibility in terms of their own influence, like, the PC makes a character and requires the GM to input that character as an NPC in a city or something, or further, they want a certain 3rd party mechanic in the game, a custom race, etc.
Maybe the players are genuinely shit people, the giant, stinking neckbeards of the world who can't engage well enough socially to create a group and this is their only option?
Maybe the GM does 6 games a week and doesn't have time to also hold down a full time job without those 6 games sucking, so paying them means the games are better?
Maybe when you show up to a game with a 6 pack, or a pizza, you could instead just give that cash to the GM and he could decide what to buy with it instead of you?
Maybe it seems worse than it is because players outnumber GMs easily 5:1, so the screeching about $10 just feels immense?

There's so fucking much nuance to this that dumb anons will just never be able to adequately discuss. This whole idea will probably never get to a space where everyone agrees because of all the autistic screeching.

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Things reserved for a birthday, once a year:

>sharing responsibility

Holy fuck, being the ForeverGM depresses me sometimes.

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I do.
In fact, it's my primary source of income.

5.5 games a week, $10 per person per session, brings in about $10k a year for me, similar to working minimum wage 3 days a week here.
Except that's closer to 24 hours a week, and what I do is closer to 50, so it's not great in that way.
Some people are strangers, some people are friends, some people great players, some horrendous.
To be frank, it's not a great job. I had about 15 years of experience GMing before I even started, and it's still more frustrating and time consuming than anything else I've ever had to do with my life. I've never had a job harder than this one, never had one with longer hours, with more annoying customers, or with worse benefits. I've made more money in the past just mowing lawns on the weekends.
The only reason I'm even in it is because about two years ago, I was falling apart trying to work full time while running my normal 4 games a week, so when I sent out a PSA to those players about it, I basically said, "I have to take a break and focus on my job, unless somehow GMing becomes more profitable HAHA," and about half of them came to me and told me they wanted to pay to keep playing. I was shocked, to be honest. In their shoes, I'd *never* pay someone to GM me, not in a million years, but these people...
Look, there gonna spend their ill-gotten trust fund cash on fucking gamer girl bathwater or League of Legends skins, why not spend it on me instead? At least I make an actually good product that I pour my heart and soul into. And I charge the fairest price I've ever heard anyone else in this kind of business charge, while providing the best experience I've ever heard anyone else in this kind of business provide.
I still feel guilty about it, honestly, but it's hard to continue feeling guilty when you live in relative poverty. And I still don't really 'love' it as a job. But I don't know what else to do with myself. I really think GMing is what I'm best at in life, so why not?

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Okay, this doesn't exactly solve the problem, but it does compensate for it. You can try what I tried, and maybe it'll work.

Don't make them change their characters. Just charge them money for your time GMing them. Then, at least you have a reason to deal with their bullshit.

Worked for me.

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>Losing her character sheet and having to rewrite it from scratch
>Completely unaware of what's actually in the setting, citing cultures, races, religions, etc. that don't fucking exist.
>Getting mad at the rest of the party for spending time on things they like that she doesn't like
>Getting mad at the GM during fights where her awful character can't contribute
>Getting mad at me for shitting on her ideas by citing rules that contradict them
>Getting mad at other characters just for being good
>Finally turns up one session with another person in tow
>Turns out that's her boyfriend
>Turns out her relationship with GM is polyamorous
>So she sits in the middle of the two of them, and both her boyfriends know how to play, so they both make her decisions
>And they both vie for her attention romantically, in plain view of all of the rest of us
>She acts like a fucking god-queen deigning to grace the table with her presence
>All other PCs are visibly frustrated at the magnitude of attention-whoring that has replaced our actual decent campaign
>Due to reasons not made public, her and GM break up
>He's a little hurt, but everyone, I mean everyone, is happy that she's gone
>She plays with us for one more session, and it's not awkward or anything
>Actually, probably the best session we ever had with her
>Then she makes up some shit about her work and doesn't play with us anymore
>As soon as she's given up on us and we've gotten to relax without her, she starts to contact a fellow bro PC with clearly flirtatious intent
>She also does the same thing to GM, despite them having just broken up
>GM actually kind of goes for it
>Everyone just wants to fucking choke her

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>AdMech HQ's can't repair Imperial Knights
>DarkMecha HQ's can repair Renegade Knights

Just fuckin kill me, FW.

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>Huntmaster Cavalier
You nailed it.
I'm trying to figure a way for Hunting Pack to actually be useful.
Why would a person ever choose to bring two dogs when they'll both be slaughtered if they could just bring one that's actually decent?
I've been looking into it for some time now and I figured if anywhere knew better than I did, it'd be /pfg/, but I guess it's like you say: there is really no way to do what you want in PF.

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Requesting severely depressed skeleton knight that gives off the same vibe as pic related.

The armor doesn't have to be anything fancy or great, the main point is he's just depressing as fuck and being around him is a huge bummer but he can't help it he's a depressed skeleton. He's a spooky skeleton but still kinda pathetic, like you just want to give him a hug and ask, "what made you like this? who hurt you?"

He probably listens to really sad music a lot

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I have very high hopes for the average level of the content, BUT, my insight tells me that it will mutually exclusive to Weapon Master's Handbook, somehow.
There will somehow be a way to prevent the Fighter from mastering both armor and his weapon.
I can't figure out how they're going to manage it off the top of my head, but somehow, it'll happen.
And it'll create an incredible disappointment.

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This is real. I saw her booth at Gencon. She was definitely making actual money.

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Thanks for checking. Didn't expect any different.

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Who's the piece of shit that has this book and says, "Oh yeah, I'll put up the page for the Weapon Design System. That's the part of the book everyone wants."
I would honestly rather have nothing than that miscarriage of a ruleset.

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It's not like a Bararian, where running out of Rage just makes you less good than before, or like a Monk, where running out of Ki limits your options and abilities. Side note: basically every single class gets more uses of their per day abilities than the Medium's standard 4 to start, or 7ish, if you're high enough level to cripple yourself and you can spend 10 minutes in the middle of the day to gain one more use.
But that notwithstanding, the Medium doesn't just lose options or become less effective. He stops playing the game. He hands his sheet to his GM, and his GM gains control of him. He doesn't get taken over by his Legend and then forced to obey certain taboos while being forced to roleplay his Legend rather than his own character. Even that would be better. Not good still, but better, to be forced to do certain things but still at least be playing your own character. But no, that's not what you get, your GM actually takes your character and uses it instead of you. You can just go home once you have used 4 Influence to add your +1d8 to specific d20 rolls.

It was seriously mind-boggling that this class was actually written this way. I was totally sure I was reading something wrong, or I misunderstood the way it functioned, or that I was drunk, or SOMETHING. ANYTHING to explain this shit. But there is no explanation.

It's just...shit.

My favorite class by miles in 3.5 was Binder.

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>without subtitles

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>Absolutely zero feats for Mediums

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Thanks for the honest reply.

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>Dark Heresy
>Space Dandy


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I am both of these.
No one in my group is smarter and more charismatic than I am. If I don't play a wise, personable, and logical character, we can't get anything done.
I feel shitty about it and sometimes feel like I'm bossy or hogging the spotlight, so I back off at times, but no one steps up.
It's even worse when I get the stupid idea to think that I want to play a different character that isn't like that. Fuck me if I want to play a stoic Monk or a Barbarian or a brooding native. I can't even just be a socially awkward person because even if I do, the party relies on me to make the conversations and the plans because I'm so much better at it than they are.
I had to commit suicide with my last Call of Cthulhu character because he was taciturn and the party was getting lost all the time and chasing EVERY single red herring and getting the shit beat out of ourselves. I knew it was happening and could do nothing but follow along and be grump all the time because I seemed to be the only one to understand they were making mistakes.
My last three characters in Pathfinder have been basically forced into diplomatic roles despite my protests. Cavalier doesn't have enough skill points for that, but everyone else sucks, so I have to waste points. Alchemist has no Charisma at all, but I have to be the one talking, so I tend to fail a lot of rolls when someone else would succeed. Clerics get fucking 2+Int mod per level, and I have to spend 1 of them on Diplomacy constantly. That's half my fucking skills because no one else will speak with a character like a normal human being.
I GM more than I play, too, and it's a constant concern. I have to basically write in big flashing neon 'Eat-at-Joe's' signs to get things moving, because fuck if even the supposedly diplomatic characters will ask the right questions without getting frustrated with me. And I have to give some passes in almost every fight because at least SOMEbody will forget they have abilities.

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Sorry, anon, no links to provide.

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sleep tight pupper

Please work, holy shit, help me.

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