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I guess it's really more like 'Thread 32.5', but... meh.

Don't forget about INSIGHT CHECKS!
It's simple! Just:
>Reply to an EsperQM™ post
>Greentext something from within that post that you want to know more about
>And (if you wish to make my life easier/get a more relevant bit of insight) ask a question or make a comment- not in greentext- below your greentext!

>When voting, put the option you're voting for in greentext, linking back to the post you're voting towards.
>If you want to do a write-in, choose the “>Something else? (WRITE-IN!)” option, and put your write-in in greentext below it.
>If you wish to support a write-in, vote as you normally would, link back to the post containing the write-in, and include whatever it was that that particular anon... well, wrote!

FURTHERMORE, I'd prefer that you do INSIGHT CHECKS and VOTES in separate (but equal) posts!

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You think on it for a moment, letting your fingers straighten the tangled chaos of Mato's hair, before responding.

[Being good... is a lot of things.] That feels like a cheap way to explain it, you think, but you provide the inquisitive little marble-thing with some less... verbal... thoughts and feelings on the subject.

The Eye glows even more brightly as it digests the information, casting a good portion of the room in its blood-red glow, and creating some rather spooky-looking shadows in the process.

[Amongst those things, which is the most important?]

These questions just keep getting harder and harder, huh? You bite your lip. [I think that depends on who you ask.]

[I am asking you.]

You look down at Mato again.

At the peaceful expression, the contented smile she wears as she holds you close.

You want to protect it. To protect her.

[I am sorry if I asked something I shouldn't have-]

[Being good,] you interrupt, a strange resolve bubbling up inside of your chest, [is using your power to protect those who are powerless. To be good is to defend those who cannot defend themselves...]

There's another part, though. What is it that you want to say?
>and to punish the wicked, and anyone else who would prey on them.
>and to keep others with power in check, just as they keep you in check.
>and to ensure their freedom to do as they are wont to do, so long as they do not infringe upon the freedoms of others.
>and to watch over them, maintaining order with that same power.
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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Dayum, Mato, you a light sleeper

Uh... because a Thermal Hand just maintains temperature?

That's Uiharu's ability, right?

Pyrokinesis involves actually doing things, as opposed to keeping them the same.

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It's just not something that Akari would consider.

For that to happen, something crazy would need to be going on- like someone making a write-in and getting the majority vote on something that would involve using your powers in a rather horrific way.

Provided that (or something more plot-related or something) you actually killed or almost-killed someone, you'd get a lot of 'WHAT THE HELL, AKARI' type reactions, I think.

Mostly, though, you're not quite, er... gentle? enough to do that sort of thing.

Consider this: Accelerator, in his fight with Kamijou, could easily have magnified the vectors of Touma's spine as he rotated to deliver his punch.

He could've killed Mr. Imagine Breaker without so much as a second thought.

But he didn't.

Because that's not his brand of crazy

Also, I'm writing!

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>Esper Quest: Undying /u/-boats
>Esper Quest: Limitless Lesbians

Alliteration is key.

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