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"Julie, can you stay here and keep calm?"
"I could try."

"Good! Kaori is on her way, and I don't want her to come to an empty parking lot and reach weird conclusions."
"It sounds more like you're just leaving me behind because I can't do anything to help right now."

"No no! That's not really it!"

She's giving me that look.

"I'm serious!"
"It's fine, Masami. Just don't forget about me."

"You think we're going to forget about you!?"
"No matter how hard we try."

I nudge Haruko, now isn't the time.
"Listen! Listen. You're really important, and we need you! It's just now, we need to find Mom before things get any worse!"

"I said it's fine, just go right on ahead."

Something tells me that it isn't actually fine.

We take off and leave Julie standing in the parking lot. I look back just in time to catch a slight pout on her face.
Now I'm going to feel guilty.


Finding Asai isn't as hard as I once thought.
Really the answer is simple: He's at the big thing forming in the middle of town.

Except, for one problem.
He's not actually there.

"What are those lights?" Haruko nudges me.
"Those are police cars, they're going toward-"

They're not going toward the stone giant in town.
They're going toward a park, placed roughly a few blocks away from Fortune.

I catch sight of something inside of that park, a bunch of people in extravagant clothes.
One of them is Asai.

Standing across from them, are the adults.

>Swoop in and save the day!
>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!
>This is suspicious, another trap?
>Haruko, help me out!
>Let's go get Kaori, we'll be better off in numbers.

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Pleated skirt, with a simple pair of shorts underneath for good measure.

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