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Do you prefer your mechas to hold giant guns with human hands, or have the guns built right into the arms?

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>Outside from fighting, what mundane tasks does your PCs use their mecha for?
Most of the mech pilots in my setting are actually entombed within their mechs Dreadnought-style. They can help the communities they guard with mundane tasks like hauling supplies or construction, but the villagers tend to worship them as divine walking totems so they're usually too reverential to ask. Which is too bad, because a lot of them would help out.

>how would you do "artifacts" in a mech setting? Should they be whole-ass mechs like a lost earlier model or just specific parts such as a weapon or engine, be they historical or of enhanced specs?
There's a lot of lost tech that is probably better than your standard fare, but it's hard to find a Fabricator AI that's functional enough to mount it to your mech while having enough autonomy to carry out modifications in the first place.
There's some very old, very advanced bespoke mechs out there, but they're usually taken (what with the whole "can't leave your mech" schtick), and almost all of them have been driven mad by the centuries spent trapped under rubble or rendered helpless by their own malfunctioning autopilots.

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Mecha pilots and mechas.

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Weaboo as fuck and full of gatling guns.

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