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There isn't much to talk about.

>only half the group can show up one day due to reasons
>GM decides to split the party and do a make-up mini-session for the other half, alerts the absent players and they're cool
>all the PCs in this group are male, session is fairly standard stealth session (actually none of our characters in that half are geared for stealth so how we got through without being caught is a mystery)
>all the PCs in the other group are female except one, they explore a temple filled with riddles and puzzles

First couple are fairly standard riddles you can find online and that's probably where the GM got it, but then we hit a room with nothing but two scales, and a few very large tables with mountains of fresh food on it. One of the scales has a large immobile weight on it, and the only clue in the room is "tip the scales in my favor." We tried putting the food on the scales but it didn't budge no matter how much we placed on it, and the DM made that clear.


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