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>npc players spam facebook, twitter and reddit declaring they will buy new models if GW would just make them
>they don't buy any when GW actually does make them

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The world doesn't end with America. For all you know I could be anything but American. I could be posting from Brazil. I could be posting from Canada. I could be a Jap with insomnia. I could be fucking Kim Jong Un for Christ's sake.

And besides, correlation does not imply causation, faggot. Ice cream sales and crime rates seem to rise at almost exactly the same time every year, does that mean one is the cause of the other?

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why the fuck didn't I think of that, imagine the wide range of applications with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking

>medieval marriage counseling
>man and woman have fallen out of love but, still want to keep their marriage together for the kids or money or whatever
>Dr. Wizzy prescribes a small dose of love potion to reignite the spark
>bada bing bada boom marriage happy again

or maybe

>fighter visits Dr. Wizzy
>wants a way to make his enemies kneel before him
>the good doctor sells him concentrated love poison to dip his blade in
>effects administered directly to the bloodstream on a hit
>everything he hits has a good chance to instantly fall madly in love with him, and would rather die than strike him down

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