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How do you deal with battleship-class threats, anons? Something like a Primarch or a Superheavy that can roll most of an army up given opportunity. Most armies have SOME way to deal with them.

My Electros are good for a sucker punch, but I feel I need to up my Dragoon squads to three or four so I can have options. Since they only cost as much as Kataphrons anyway it seems like padding out the mandatory Brigade FA slots wouldn't actually be an abysmal waste of points. Shame they cost so much actual moneys, they should really be about 30% more and come two per box. Kastelans and Dunecrawlers aren't good for much against heavy invulnerable saves, I'm not playing Mars. One of the reasons my wish-list includes a generic Archmagos is so I can get some decent rerolls for all my retard-bots without having to run Named Characters.

Since 8e rolled around and monsters/vehicles/major characters became essentially the same thing my group's started using Uber faux-naval jargon to refer to dangerous things. Destroyers are a step up from your average single Dread or tonk, so something like a Land Raider or Bloodthirster, Cruisers are huge smashy things like Leviathan Dreads, Swarmlord or Knights and Battleships are the huge bastards like Primarchs and Baneblades. Obviously a lot of stuff is borderline, but it's good for roughly gauging power level without outright list tailoring.


Us Admech players do bitch about power level a bit. We're not BAD, just a little boring at the moment, which Chapter Approved may help with and IA14 would def. fix if it was ever actually released.

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>Aren't they supposed to be essentially demi-gods.

In name only, I think, unless you're some worldcracking megapsyker like Magnus. The 30k Primarchs were damn powerful, yeah, but also glass cannons relative to their strength.

Lorgar and Angron barely survived an encounter with one Warhound Titan, kine shields and all, RG said that one bolter shot to his unarmoured head would probably be him dead, Vulkan was literally atomised by a nuclear blast and a Lascannon did serious damage to Magnus when it got through his psychic screens (although I can't remember if he deliberately let it through or not). Sanguinius managed to tear the pilot out of a Warlock Titan and kill it, but was out of action for months after taking a glancing hit from a Phantom Titan gun.

Basically, they're very smashy but can't really afford to take many hits, if they get surrounded by a pack of heavy melee infantry like Ursarax or Termies or even Electropriests they will probably have a lovely Uber-like time gettting basically lynched.

In game, they should almost certainly cost more points, though, since at the moment >>54841191 is completely right.
I am probably going to put together a countsas Cawl, but I'm annoyed I need his rules just to make half my units playable.

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