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Another fun one.

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that's what happens when you grab something with live power on it. you litterally can't let go, the electricity is forcing you to grip with every ounce of strength your muscles can. one of the suggested ways I was trained to use to get someone that was being shocked off of whatever was shocking them was kicking them as hard as you can, if you didn't have rope or another non-conductive item to pull them off with.

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The average is lower, but there's no bell curve. Anon apparently enjoys the swinginess and would rather get 12 1 out of 12 times than 1 out of 36 times.

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Because a relatively common level of body armor can withstand gunfire/energy weapons reasonably well, while a power field/molecular edge/other sci-fi justification is able to largely negate that durability. Therefore it is quite reasonable to arm certain soldiers that are dedicated solely to close-quarters engagements with a melee weapon, and it is often reasonable for them to prefer it over a firearm.

Also/Or, there are enemies that fight almost exclusively in close combat, meaning that a close-quarters engagement is almost inevitable when facing them in any significant number.

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Magic Weapon: The Umpires Bat

A smooth, wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and driven with nails, that is durable and sharpened above and beyond what a normal bat should be. Wielded by The Umpire, an infamous figure in the criminal underground, whom all lowlifes, criminals, and societal degenerates regard with equal parts fear and loathing.

The Umpire is a large, heavyset man of indeterminate race with a powerful upper body and a noticeable pot belly. Wearing a thick, barred face mask and a black (or blue, descriptions vary) and white striped shirt, the identity of the Umpire remains currently unknown. He appears only at night, and only at a location where criminal activity is prevalent or criminals gather, like a drug house, project, or human trafficking location.

The Umpire is a man of few words. Whenever he enters an area "for work," he says simply "Play ball." Wn meeting an individual on the street, he will stare, deeply and unblinkingly, into their very soul, and judges them in a way only he knows. If the target passes, he finds them unworthy of his attention, he says, "Safe," and moves on. If he deems them to have failed, he says, "Fair Ball," and proceeds to attack mercilessly and with great violence. When he swings and strikes his target/victim, and he lands a killing or crippling blow (Which, given his incredible strength and the almost mythically durable bat he wields, is common), he says "Base Hit." If he manages to miss (a rarity) with a single swing, he says, "Strike One," counting upwards for each miss. He has never missed more than twice in a row. If he hits the target, but does not manage to wound them seriously enough to down them in a single, crushing blow, he says, "Foul Ball," and continues his attacks until they are down. When his work has finished, or dawn has come, he simply states, "Ball Game," and vanishes into the shadows, and will not appear again until the sun sets.

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