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its sad how hard Nids get demolished by GW
If this continues I might actually win a game against them for once

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I just wanted an excuse to paint my own /wip/, so the anon who suggested the bolter color can come back and tell me what color I should use for the eye.
accepting suggestions from others too ofc.

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I literally just realized that you can fall back forwards to get through screening and charge their characters
>Im a terrible player

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I dunno, I suck at the game
for me its not whats good at midrange, but fun, so decent melee, not overly huge range on guns, and a bit of survivability.
Deathwatch can be kitted out for anything, same goes with space marines and i guess csm and deathguard.
only armies I think that aren't really fit to go for it are melee only armies like khorne demons or pure gunlines like IG. Tau can do it with stealthsuits and the like, altho their long range shooting is much better, and I believe same goes for admech

keep in mind tho, I know next to nothing about all of the armies, so my opinion is most likely massively wrong

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