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>2E wizards can access priest spheres
I once made a necromancer with access to the healing sphere. It was actually quite fun being a 'white necromancer'. I curried favor with the local populace by healing the sick, repairing bones, and curing diseases. I would also use my necromancy to help the party locate and combat undead.

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Pretty much.

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Hats or mana tanks?

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That kind of antagonistic relationship actually sounds like a pretty neat concept. Wizards are in constant fear of having their powers stripped and huddle together in little fortified virgin communes, playing the long game until their powers reach their greatest potential. Witches on the other hand are always on the hunt, seeking new and exciting ways to infiltrate and strip from even the most ancient of wizards their sweet, sweet power.

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I'll definitely consider it, now that you've pointed that out. I'll talk to some people, maybe try to fill in the last few missing gaps in my character's backstory, see if I can make the story cohesive. Thanks for the words of encouragement; no guarantee I'll replace Morena, but I'm definitely considering it now.

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>What was I thinking?
"I don't think any witches will try and murder me"

Of course, they will.

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