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Getting into this Homebrew game>

Here's some of my shit.


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>After an attempted suicide via wand in the face backfires into a swapped gender, The Thug in back spills the beans.
>Crazy Hassan has been selling magic items he looted from a dragon lair he found in the desert. some of them are perfectly fine, some of them are a bit busted by age and disuse. but they all make money. They had to stop eventually due to a crazy golem though (You'll recall this lair is where Dragon Game one had their test)
>Old Hassan is trying to skip town via river ferry with all his loot, due to the guard catching wise to the unsafe goods he was peddling.
>Rinka in her magnanimous mercy, allows the transmographied thug run for his life while rushing to the warehouse.
>Old Hassan is trying to push the cargo through with a bribe when Rinka tries to bluff him a deal.
>Hassan's bodyguard is having none of it now.
>Rinka tries to do what she does best and BLAST, but wait!? The bodyguard pulls out his own magic guns and sends the blast right back at her
>"Only a Shimada can control the Gunsmoke Mystic power!"
>End side Session, And the duel of Spellslingers is soon to come.

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I desire to fire spells from a gun. Fireball, magic missile, anti-magic field, don't care what the spell is. How are the best ways to go about this, whether it be through actual mechanics or just what you think might be good refluffing?

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