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Currently the only force I have in my universe that is an expansive empire is my pastiche on the Islamic Caliphates who currently control the peoples of the Northern African and use the African continent Orc Tribes in their armies (Which is hilarious because their religious doctrine calls for the elimination of all non-humans). The Elven and Orc populations of their own country have established their own kingdom, because they attempted to exterminate the entity of their own Orc and Elf population, and are currently locked in an seemingly unending war with one another. The Caliphates essentially attempt to convert the humans to their religious ideology and enslave the non-human races, realizing that outright extermination didn't work for them before.

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missed you.


Now that I've refreshed my memory as to where we'd gotten. Things wrapped up in Gib fairly quickly after this, both parts of the plans now in the safe keeping of Governor S. T. Coleridge (who is very pleased to have shot the albatross, and has had a little pendant made of it's foot to celebrate his act of violence which was so beneficial to the crown. He wears said pendant about his neck).

We re-board the Dreadnowt and set sale. Excited to be heading to Araby. I should really explain what Araby takes in geographically: (Pic related, please feel free to imagine the indiana jones aeroplane red line thing at this point), where we are going is Port Said which I realise isn't marked on the map but if you're particularly geographically inept, it's near Alexandria)

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>Not inherently
It's a religion invented by a warmongering asshole as an excuse to wage war. As far as religions go it's pretty much the worst, and that's saying something.

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>which might not even have happened due to lack of Islam?
Well, Byzantine was able to survive for 700 years or so despite being right on the front lines so their defeat is by no means a sure thing.

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