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It's a planetary level "Just a prank bro"/"Social experiment". It's youtube clickbait levels of bad and misguided.

Humanity has every right to be very fucking mad. Maybe things will cool off later once humanity reaches a certain level of advancement. But I genuinely doubt it.

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Mercy of the highest order. I can't handle death very well especially when imposing it on others. The most I can do to others is mildly injure them. Especially when I can literally feel the power gap between me and them. Of course not everything is rainbows and honey, as I had to kill plenty of things. Mostly monsters, Orks, Demons, and other hive mind like beings. Fuck Hive minds. And fuck nature too if it's going to be a bitch. No mercy for powerful beings, primordial forces and other such monstrosities. Also fuck nature too.

>mfw dealing with nature "fighting back" against the ebil humans plots

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GW is just getting lazy.

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