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>[A1] [TIFF] Team Fortress 2's quick-and-dirty engineering skills could be helpful.
>[A2] [THRAVAR] The Warcraft series is known for its base construction.
>[B6] [BLANC]

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Holy shit, this OP

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Oh boy! The most exciting time of the week has finally arrived!

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Oh boy! The most exciting time of day has finally arrived!

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.-- .... .- - . ...- . .-. / .... . / .-- .- -. - ...

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>He still hasn't denied she sleeps on top of him

oh gosh how cute and tsun

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>Arizona a best

That she is. Too cute for words to even describe.

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>[ ] Aw is mister make-you-command-every-battle in a pinch? How *tragic.* Go check up on the chuunibotes - they looked to be in rough shape the last time you saw.
I need to turn this into an actual 'the most exciting time of the day has come' image

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Awright, now that I'm back for work let's do a post-thread review
>Dogs contained without further incident
Good. Assuming Hate isn't incompetent, he'll investigate how they escaped their kennel and prevent it from happening again. The Shigure discussion with Goto is on the to-do list
>Indoor ghillie suit
Too weird to live and too rare to die
>Delinquents asking KTKM for an autograph
Very cute
>Wainright sending us more vaguely urgent 'pls respond' texts
He needs to learn to give us summaries over the phone, christ. I'm going to assume it's about Naka but getting in touch with him is also on the to-do list
Still, going to the meeting was probably the best choice. Unless he's literally been fending off Yaks with his sleepy stick for several hours, but I somehow doubt that.
>Bringing Arizona into the meeting with us
+2 'avoided emotionally whiplashing the girl some more today' points. +4 'awkwardness with Thomas' points. +10 to Goto's troll potential, he's familiar with 'the battleship thing'
She also kept us from going full fucking 'Nam at the sight of the intel photos, which is good. Her eagerness to volunteer for refit does seem to have rushed our timetable on that path of exploration though.
>Implying that Arizona didn't use our CAC card to read our AAR from Los Angeles
>The logistics realization is important
Aw shit. It's too soon to see how the decision to wait and see will play out. It might result in death and panic, but it also might save us from dedicating resources to an unnecessary front.
>Remember this straya post
>Capture attempt instead of tailing
I... I think this was the right call, for now. For one, this is a much saner plan than we were all assuming- forcing an outnumbered abyssal aground is a sight more realistic than CQCing and Fultoning one.

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>You think I have any luck left to lose? That's adorable

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have an unfinished thing

> [x] Frankly? In enemy territory. We reviewed the footage and decided that there's no way he escaped the attacks we saw without getting his hull rung good a few times – he's probably got hull and/or engine damage, and that abyssal task force is still close to him, so he won't risk radio messages. We might not know his status for a while.

haha time for suffering

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