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But we're trying to stay awake, Anon, and the light is supposedly going to help us with that.
Red is for when you CAN'T wake up.

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>mfw she wants me to
>mfw he's not bad looking
>mfw we jokingly hit on each other all the time
>mfw it's super homo

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>Be me
>Be an Illuminated Broo
>Be worshiper of Chalana Arroy
>Be inna tula
>Walk into clan square
>Try to heal a sick girl
>People freak the fuck out
>Get accused of raping her
>"But...but I didn't even touch her..."
>Get blamed for a bad harvest
>Get blamed for fucking some guy's horse
>"I don't. What. Guys, I just got here. How could I have fucked that horse?"
>They won't listen
>Try to heal that girl again, she starts crying
>Weaponthanes attack me
>Not allowed to fight back
>Run away
>Find out later that that clan died of plague
>They blamed it on Chaos

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