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"Hey, is that another one of your tricks?" Haruko seems confused.

"Which one?"

"That glowing door."

We turn around, and are confronted with a glowing blue door suspended in mid-air.

I am Itsukuma Masami. I've almost given up on trying to save Asai from being a massive weirdo monster.
Almost. I'm still scheming on ways to save him.

I'll do it, someday!

I succeeded in stopping his rampage which was destroying the city and everything in it that I hold dear.
This was accomplished by trapping him inside of a prison and attempting to talk some sense into him.

Well, 'him' being a descriptive term. Asai was actually made of two parts, a monster part and.. a part of him which looked like a big armored guy. Our group-therapy session went.. less than optimal. The two parts hated each other, and Asai took the opportunity to absorb the other half back into himself.

According to Mom, this made him far more powerful. I'm skeptical, to say the least.

So now, we just left him inside his prison and are now sulking before heading back home.
Before something strange happened.

"Did you make that door?" The blue door hovers in mid-air.

Mom looks toward me, "Did you make that door?"
"Of course not, why would I make a door into nothing?"

The knob starts to turn, and the barrier swings open.

Out steps..
"Honey, I'm home." A big smiling grin greets me. Behind him is clearly the interior of the card as he steps out of imaginary space and into reality as effortlessly as a fish swims through water.

I think I'm going to be sick.

>"HOW?! WHY?!"
>Try not to panic!
>Hide behind Mom
>Get mad and try to suck him back into the card

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I barge into Fortune's parking lot. The empty pad that once held the building still leaves a pristine white space.
Next to that pristine white space, are two rectangular dumpsters. Most people think of them as places to put their garbage.

"Come ooon! Get out of the dumpster!" I yell, storming up to the metal box as Mom trails behind me.

"Sweetie, I don't think-"

"I know you're in there!" I yell, giving it a kick just for good measure.

There's a thrashing inside.
A tiny, almost miniscule voice sounds out from inside, "Why?"

"Because this is where the garbage goes!"
"But it's where I go too, right?"

I am Itsukuma Masami.
Yuck, this girl smells TERRIBLE! Who told her that her home was in the dumpster, anyway?

"Listen, Clown."
"Uh huh?" She climbs out from the disuse and the filth. She smells awful, still.

"We have Asai trapped inside of a card, and we want to de-power him so he doesn't try to take over the city once more. Do you know why he isn't turning human like you did? Is there something about him that's different from all the other monsters?"

Yeah, that's basically the gist of what is going on.

She leans against her 'home', and thinks about that question. I can tell Mom wants to hug her, but realizes how poor of an idea that would be right now.

"Well, he's always been different."

"I mean, mentally. What is different about him as a monster that might prevent him from becoming human?"

She thinks about the question for a few minutes, but mostly appears confused and lost.
"I don't get it."

>"How about Magic, have you seen Asai use any magic?"
>"Or how about the building thing. How is the building thing related to Asai?"
>"What do you know about him? I saw him bleed one time."
>"Is there like, anything special to the man himself? Surely he has to be good at something."
>"What was your job as his right-hand-clown? What were you doing for him?"
>"Who told you that you belonged in a dumpster?"

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"Right side!"

Amarante glows vibrantly for a brief second. Just enough time for me to hit the ground and plug my ears.

With a violent snap, an arc of electricity flows thorugh the air and licks at several of the statues.
Somehow, they're still moving.

With a leap; I hop to my feet and run them through with my sword. That seems to be the last little push they needed to collapse into dust.

My sister and I collapse on the lawn. In the distance I can still hear the creaking of approaching statues.

I am Emillion Escago! I'm the greatest swordsman in the world! The name-

The name.
It really doesn't have much meaning. I made it up.
And.. I'm not really the greatest swordsman in the world anymore.

I'm just a kid, with a sword. It's depressing to think about, but here I am.
I seem to be adapting to my new body. Slowly, I'm starting to adapt my technique to fit my smaller frame.
It's just, not happening instantly. I'm still a little kid, and my sword is still meant for the full-sized monster I once was. That makes me angry, I want everything back to normal and I want it right now.

Thankfully, I have my sister here; and she hasn't skipped a beat since her forced-transformation into a human.

We're standing in front of Masami's house. We seem to be the last line of defense against this sudden onslaught of- somethings.
These are more like puppets. 'Drones' are extremely similar, but a drone is more similar to a wild animal. Calling these concrete abominations 'animals' would be an insult to the cuddly ones.

Everyone inside is still hiding in the bunker under Masami's house. It's like Izumi assumed someone would eventually try to attack the place. No one inside are 'combat-ready' like we are.

Silence fills the yard, it appears this wave has ended.
"Now what?" My sister asks, patting off the concrete dust.

>I don't know.
>Back inside to cower, I guess!
>This isn't right! Let's go exploring and find out the cause!

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"Masami! Masami, wait!"

Too late, she's already ran up to the streets, leaving Mir and I alone together.

"Phooey." I cross my arms. That Masami, she always wants to take everything on herself and then expects other people to bail her out if it gets to be too much.

I am Kaori Itsukuma.
I wish I stayed home instead of chasing Masami

Unlike my reckless little sister; I'm not quite a walking whirlwind of destruction and selfishness. She's akin to a pint-sized tank.
So if that's the case, why am I worrying about her?

Oh, I know the reason why. She's still somewhere out there with Asai. The man who is building a giant death-machine to hammer our city into pebbles.
Unless Asai goes to sleep where I can manipulate his dreams, there isn't anything I can do to help.

I was captured recently for trying to track him down. If it weren't for Masami, I don't know where I would be right now.

"(Yes?)" She replies. I can see her form flicker in the light.

I'm not sure whether Masami's cards which have turned human count as my 'sisters', my 'cousins', or if they're even family at all. I'm just extremely thankful for their help right now.
Mir especially, she can turn invisible at will. I've tried it a time or two and it's never worked out for me.

"What's the plan to get out of here without Asai noticing us?"
"(Oh, I have that covered.)" Her barely-audible whispery voice responds. A warm, gentle touch grasps my hand.

Slowly, starting from my elbow, my entire body flickers into invisibility!
"(Neat, huh?)" I can only imagine that she's smiling. "(Now, just don't make any noise, and we can walk back home unnoticed.)"

>Hold on, I'm not going back home. I'm going to go find my sister.
>Let's just explore a bit before we go home, I want to know what the situation is about.
>Wait! I can find the real Asai! I just need to sleep on it!
>Let's go back, Quietly.
>First thing's first: text Mom and tell her that I'm safe.

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"It's gone." I say, a sinking feeling deep in my heart. It seems so strange not to see it.
I was just here a few hours ago, and I remember it perfectly then. Within a few hours, the most prominent landmark has completely phased out of existence.

I wouldn't even know where to go looking for it at this point.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today is the last day before Asai escapes from his prison, and he seems to be busy. The entity known as "Fortune HQ", a tremendous building both in size and scale, was always visible almost anywhere that I went. Whether it was in the real-world or this strange magic-world.
It's especially visible in the magic world, as it's the only thing that I can see in the distance when I'm over here.

Now, it's gone. An entire building whisked away like a complicated magic trick. The only difference is that there's no one around to explain to me how it works or what this means for me.

"What's gone?" says Mir. She has a problem being 'visible' so-to-speak.

"Fortune, the entire building, it's-"
Let me step outside and see if it's on the horizon.

I almost burst down the door in my scramble. Mir follows behind me slowly, unsure what is going on. I do a quick spin on my heel to survey the horizon.

"Where... is it?"
Nothing, it's gone. An entire building is just gone, like that.

My idea for using a card to turn Asai into a human has a shorter time limit than I once thought if his hideout has gone missing.

"Mir, um." I'm not even sure what to say, or how to say it at this point.
"Y-yes? Would it help if we told someone?"

"No no, I can just call them."
I take out my phone, and realize that I have no signal.
As expected, being on another plane of reality and all.

>Let's go home and tell everyone.
>Wait, calm down. Let's investigate from here.
>Let's see if Fortune HQ is still in the real-world.
>Wait, I can't go over there, Mom told me to stay home.
>Call Asai and demand to know what he's planning!

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"I guess those were just mistakes, he probably didn't actually mean them."
"Huh, good point."

I am Itsukuma Masami, and oh; I don't like where this plan is going at all. Cirrus has been kidnapped, and I decided to leave it to the adults to come up with a plan. So far, it's been a huge mistake. They're talking about trading Cirrus for Mom, and they somehow think that this is a good idea! This is absurd! What's worse: I don't know how to talk them out of it. They seem to think that Asai may not think twice about hurting Cirrus, but won't hurt Mom.

I don't see what the big difference is. Asai is still a huge jerk, no matter how you try to spin it. He may try to hurt both of them just to spite me, for all they know.

I'm nervously pacing back and forth near the hallway now as they chat away about how they're going to convince Asai to make this trade. Each time they mention it, I can feel myself tense a little bit more inside. I'm worried that I'm going to be sick before I even set foot outside of the house.

How did it get this bad? Adults ruin everything!

Suddenly, I feel a nudge against my shoulder.
"Hey." Haruko shakes me. "Calm down."
"H-how can I!? You hear what they're saying, right!?"

"Well." Haruko looks toward Julie, and then back toward me, "We could try sneaking out before they start this crazy plan. If they realize we're gone, they'll stop this trade plan and instead focus on finding us. Want to try that?"

>"N-No, I should really stay here and try to convince them that this is dumb."
>"How about we leave, but go try to find more sane people to talk to this about?"
>"I should just trust them, I'm worried over nothing."
>"I don't care, I feel faint."

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The light is still pouring out from where I'm standing

All around, the darkness seems to swell and dissipate.

All that's left now, where only pain and tears once stood, is Me, Aiko, and a heavily armored man.
Yet I feel, different.
I feel

Kind of frilly?

My clothes are completely changed, I'm wearing a thigh-length dress, with all assortments of ribbons and tassles. My shoes have been replaced with larger, much more shiny and brilliant red shoes, they look more like boots than shoes, actually. It's hard to tell at this angle. On my legs are knee-length socks that have an equal number of frills and ribbons on them. A small beret rests on my head with a number of trinkets hanging off it.
And finally, resting on my chest is a light crest plate, seemingly floating above my dress, weighing seemingly nothing. It's a nice, comforting look as well as being very strong, and reassuring.
Like this, I feel like I was always meant to wear these vestments. Like this, all my problem seem to melt away, and I can feel safe.

My boot touches the ground. The lights in the theatre come on.

"You feel you can come into my life and threaten the ones I love? I should teach you what it means to have manners."

I feel so confident, so alive, I'm not sure anyone has ever seen me like this before.

"For one, when a lady says she doesn't want to go with you, your first response shouldn't be to kidnap them. If your boss wants to see me so badly, maybe he should come find me on his own."

"Tough talk, Priestess, while that is an impressive parlor trick, it's merely for show. You must learn now that he needs to reason to order you to his presence." He says

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I taught you this lesson myself!" He says, charging straight for me.

He never got closer than a meter away. The aura encompassing me increases in intensity, seemingly absorbing his outstretched arm, and tearing it to shreds.


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