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Anon has a point, too.

What kind of waifu can't even cuddle her Mato?

You should do better.

Alright, I think that's enough to start a vote. Probably.

>Think about Mato and dates and lovey-dovey stuff
>Think about Mato lewdly
>Think soothing thoughts about stuff or something
>Think on your current inability to be a good waifu.
>Other (write-in!)

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You gently extricate yourself from Mato's embrace and head for the door, your feet making little sound due to the carpet carpeting (what else would carpet do?) the floor.

The door slides open silently and on its own, which takes you slightly by surprise.

Is this the power of an idol's wealth?

'Cause that's pretty cool.

You step out into the hallway and through the nearest of the two doorless doorways, wondering if they're called 'doorways' if they don't actually have doors in them.

Maybe they're called passages or something?

You shrug, briefly wonder what happened last night, and blink twice as your mind registers the room you've blundered into as the kitchen.

Leave it to Mato-chan to have her bedroom directly across the hallway from the kitchen.

You quickly check the cabinets and refrigerator and freezer.

Holy crap!

Being rich must be wicked-awesome. You're pretty sure they've got everything you'd need to prepare just about anything here!

>What do you make?
>Do you serve Mato breakfast in bed?

Sorry if I made Akari seem a little random in her thoughts, there, I'm not a female, and, as I understand it, ladyfolk are always thinking about multiple things at once. I'm pointing this out because it felt pretty awkward this time.

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It's almost like... possessiveness, maybe?

It kinda reminds you of the way Mato looked at you this morning.



>Gimme 3 rolls of 1d100 apiece to see if Akari can make connections!

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