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> There is no real need to make characters that big other than as an uninspired way to display their power.

Uninspired? That's the kind of thing I would say if you limited a person's height to what you might find in the real world.

People being taller than tall makes sense when you realize that these are not mundane people. In fact, we should be scratching our heads more at how 6 foot tall people can cut through trees or get hit through walls and survive.

And, I'd like to hear what artists you think are creative, if you think Eiichiro Oda, Yasuhiro Nightow and Kubo Tito are lazy and uninspired.

They make people big because big things are awesome. Big weapons, big monsters, big breasts, big things just have this innate quality about them that make them interesting.

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It's either a shallow look at a particular story, or simply a shallow story.

Strength as a goal is fine for a child's reasoning, and is great for young characters.

But any adult should have a more appropriate understanding of the meaningless of only seeking strength.

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