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Nth for Best Hive fleet

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These dudes Pull up their hive fleet into the Cadian Gate at the start of the 13th black crusade, what happens?

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So now that we have Kronos intentionally going after chaos daemons even though they gain no biomass from it, will we start seeing Tyranids doing the same to necrons? Iirc they avoid tomb worlds at all costs because they gain nothing, but buy new fluff has the nids recognizing threats as rival predators that need to be destroyed. What would a hive fleet specifically suited to combating Necrons look like?

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Nth for chaos trembling in the face of the hive mind

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It looks like Behemoth. How boring.

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How would I make a fluffy Kronos army? Competitiveness isn’t my main concern, I want a force that reflects the kinds of things nids would bring to fuck up chaos from a lore standpoint

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How did Carnac react?

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Oh hey there chaosfaggots, what was that about Tyranids not being a threat to daemons?

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Any leaks on Kronos fluff yet?

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One week till Carnac shits himself

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Nth for Chaosfags on suicide watch, Based Kronos laughing in bio-plasma

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Oh hey there, chaosfags

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Meh, Kronos looks just like Behemoth.

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