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>This is a game about internet memesters, trolls, activists, and YouTubers.

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.....Planefag buddy-cop quest. Now there's a fucking image. Fucking fund it.

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>disease and sickness learn to adapt to magical curatives
>one particular strain of disease takes on magical properties
>grows too powerful for the disease curing plague to hold back
>disease molds further, becoming some sort of magically empowered aids that twists the plague back on itself
>the spellplague is born

Thanks for giving us 4e Faerun, fucker

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>A. Go ahead. Maybe something has changed from canon.

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>A cool subversion of the Mary Sue GMPC trope, done in an interesting way that creates plot points for the players to figure out and adds in the tension and emotional content of betrayal later on while switching the GMPC to a NPC villain that has been built up because of her time with the players.

>Overused "Mentor Dies" trope, killed off be a Deus Ex Machina from Death himself that the players seemingly had no warning of and are probably powerless to stop. Add in a Macguffin super-weapon because DEATH apparently isn't strong enough already. Sounds like retarded anime shit.

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>Hit the nails right on the head.
/Thread Over, everyone go home.

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It's not about redeeming the villains. It's about the GM being smart enough to say "They're not attacking you because they're EVIL. They're attacking you because their culture hates humans and sees them a threat or easy source of profit."
The difference in this case is that the first scenario is boring as piss. The second scenario lets me lure the villain into a trap by way of an "unarmed" caravan for a "trojan horse" style attack, or it lets me threaten information out of an orc chieftain by threatening a full scale invasion by a human army.

Let me get inside the villain's head, let me understand how they tick, give me an answer better than "LOL EVIL!" or else you ARE a Shit GM.

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When I first started RPing, I always had to play special snowflake non-human races. When not angst'ing it up with special snowflakes, I was one of those munchkins who play elves cos the had a magic bonus, and not because I actually wanted to play an elf, ect.

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>All divine powered characters
>Suddenly time travel
>Become the gods you worship
I mean, it could have worked, but it wasn't done well.

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>No, that fighter is WAAYY too good for 3.5. Here, take this more realistic fighter instead.
>STR 13
>Dex 13
>Con 13

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We didn't get together so you could have solo adventures.

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>There's only X system and everyone should play X system and I refuse to try anything else ever, GM why aren't you running X right now?

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How would you do it?
What minis would you use?
How crazy would it be?

gif unrelated

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This is how I design my BBEGS
(My last was an anti-vampire which required pernament sun to survive. The party killed him by dropping a cruise liner, AND THE ENTIRE OCEAN on top of him.)

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I'll play basically anything, 3.5 and 4th included.

However, I refuse to play with anyone who has strong opinions on -any- of the DnD line, as 90% of the people I played with who does is not worth playing with.

In terms of moving on from Dnd, it depends what you want.

>Hated how many rules you had to learn?
PdQ, FATE and Apocalypse World are all pretty good rules-light games and easy to learn.
If you're unsure how light you want to go, I'd suggest Marvel/Cortex Heroics to get a feel of a lighter game which isn't super rules light.

>Tired of the setting?
World of Darkness an expansive, modern supernatural game where you can easily change the game by changing which group of supernatural you play as (vampires, werewolfs, normal folk and demons are just some of the selection) while only requiring learning one core mechanic
Motobushido is slightly lighter than some of the other games, put is a SamuraiPunk based around being part of a Samurai Motorcycle gang. The rules really fit the setting, with a focus on camredire and feels very Seven Samurai.

Valley of Eternity is an uber-thematic fun little game about fantasy penguins in the North Pole, with magic and dancing and fat as part of the mechanics.

>Want to experiment?
Polaris is in interesting game where one at a time, each player plays their character and everyone else GMs different groups of NPCs with a decent method of conflict resolution.

Fiasco doesn't have a single GM, but instead players play characters in a movie where everything goes to shit.

There's quite a few freegames on http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/ - download and try one!

People want different things from their games - what doesn't work for you might work wonders for someone else. Granted, some things just straight up don't work, like RaHoWa or other games with nonfunctioning mechanics, but different !always = bad.

Out of interest, have you played any of those games in the post you replied to?
>Gif unrelated

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