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For Mortarion and Flails of Corruption, if you make a hit roll of 6 vs Imperium units, do you gain 3/d3 extra attacks or do you get 1?

t. Brainlet

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Thousand Sons or Death Guard?

I like the psychic phase and shooty armies. Thousand Sons probably fit better in terms of playstyle and lore, but Death Guard look cooler and seem to be better supported.

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Is the Redemptor bad or are Deathshroud good?

Managed to teleport them in, charge and kill a redemptor in 1 go.

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How much do you guys tip your FLGS managers?

I tend to do a flat $5 but I know some do it based on percentage.

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Should I work in lots of Plague Marines today or start on my Plague tank?

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