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have some realism.

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obvs he meant to reply to the linothorax guy

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I kinda like the idea but I'm tied into CHA as I'm gestalting with an oracle. It's only +2 average damage and a reach with some added grapple specialization, plus warder boosts. It adds a little bit of utility with some AoO feats but I'm already a little choked for feats. As it stands the size increase and the sneak attack at level 8 would deal more direct damage then the swap and the team buffs warlord gets are more attractive overall.

Thanks for the advice though anon's, I appreciate it bigly!

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On some level I love this stuff - the fact that it's cheesecake but treated more like cute and fun instead of lewdness, the fact that silliness aside it's fairly historically accurate in terms of equipment and armor, and that the girls are cute - but I would never, ever be able to justify that for anything. It's not even 'fairly protective but with boobplate,' it's just cute cheesecake.

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I have read the greek tales of the bronze age heroes.

Everyone got sick and were idiots.

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Here's a fun fact that's actually true:
RWBY's Jaune Arc is based off Joan of Arc. His entire team is historical/mythological crossdressers, whose genders match up with what their inspirations were disguised as.
Jaune as joan, the french mulan
Ren as mulan, the chinese joan
nora as thor, who dressed as a woman to hide from... I think it was loki
and phyrra as achilles, who disguised himself as a woman to infiltrate an enemy base

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More than you think

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It's always a penis.

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Anon, with a human and a 2 skill class, there's no reason for him not to dump it all the way to 7, since he'll have 2 points no matter where it is unless it's at 10 or higher, on account of the 1 point minimum and the human racial bonus point.

Dump INT to 7, get some more points to put in CON, lower your STR, put that in CON too. Somehow get some fuckin' CHA too, son. Those are your saves. You need saves.

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You forget to include the capabilities of commanders themselves, which make a huge difference. Germany, in WWI and WWII, had incredible industry, huge militaries, excellent equipment, impeccable training, and outstanding low ranking officers. Their true failing was with the German General Staff and other high-ranking generals, who were, quite simply, bad commanders. Therefore, not quite this simple.

Given a choice, however, I'd choose army No. 3. The entire point of military training is to psyche your troops into thinking they can beat the other guy, into working with each other. Superior morale and unity are enormous advantages. The songs, the hazing, the marching, the uniforms - all to give your troops confidence and unity and the courage to face the enemy. No. 3 undermines that. I would choose a Fabian strategy and guerrilla tactics. Every army wants a decisive victory, and without that, the politics holding the army together can quickly fall apart. Fabian strategy is exhausting to the aggressor, and with guerrilla tactics I would not be as dependent on holding strategic points, but instead denying the enemy theirs.

Incorrect, Roman army was inexhaustible. The reason Carthage didn't win at Cannae was because the Romans were able to field another army of 70000 in a matter of months. Hannibal was a brilliant tactician, but not the best strategist.

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Depellere barbaros

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This is the last one.
>>31340355 are the only others in the series.

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