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... shit, you can't even chew her out for standing so close behind you. Poor girl's got this aura of kicked puppy-ness or something. You shrug and look past her- where's everyone else?

"Um, oneechan and her friends left already," Nepgear replies, referring to her /literal/ big sister. "They're waiting down at the Sharicite node. So..."

It takes you a moment to process why she's holding her hand out to you. You blink at her big, guileless eyes before gingerly taking the taller girl's hand. Honestly, you're half-expecting the flames to leap over and turn you into a !!dwarf!!, but they're as harmless to you as they are to Nepgear.

Yeah, speaking of which- as you walk through the Planeptune Basilicom's halls, you take a moment to study Nepgear. It's surprisingly hard to get a read on the fledgling goddess; when she's not emoting insecurity or embarrassment or absolute horror, she tends to look... serenely cheerful, in a low-key sort of way. You don't know how much of that is because Nepgear is Nepgear, or because she's just too young to have a fully-formed personality. That little smile could be hiding anything.

Not for the first or last time, you pray desperately that Nepgear doesn't turn out anything like her big sister.

[ ] [NEPTUNE] Ask Nepgear's opinion of her big sister. Er, y'know, her actual literal big sister, not whatever-you-are to her.
[ ] [PLANEPTUNE] Ask Nepgear's opinion of her home country. She's one of the goddesses of this place, right? How's that working out?
[ ] [PLANS FOR THE FUTURE] What's Nepgear going to do once you get her synced to her country? She's not seriously thinking of coming back with you to the hyperdimensional void, right?
[ ] [ANSWER HER QUESTIONS] Nepgear's bound to have something on her mind, right? Offer to hear her out and answer her questions, now that you've got some temporary privacy.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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For a moment, you eye the disintegrating spider corpse. It's not a very pretty process: the spidery bits sort of melt into a uniform sludge, and the sludge evaporates into a quickly-fading mist. Even then, you're almost tempted to go elbows-deep into the gory mess and root around for clues or usable bits.

Almost, but not quite. See, barring unfortunate skin contact with any forgotten beast extracts, dwarves are capable of breaking monster corpses down to the component parts /without/ poisoning themselves. While that also applies to the vast majority of adventurers, you really don't know how looting works for goddesses.

Sure, maybe you're being overly cautious; maybe CPU Purple Heart routinely pulls out perfectly usable manufactured medicines from dead dogoos. When you're this close to getting your own body back, you're not gonna take any unnecessary risks or-

A soft voice suddenly whispers, almost right up next to your ear. "Oneechan?"


Sure, your goddess instincts are perfectly suited to letting you fly, but /you've/ got zero practice, especially under duress; Mini-Nep squeaks, fluttering back a little as you do a startled half-tumble through the air. "S-Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to surprise you like that! I mean... if you don't want me calling you that, that's fine-"

NNNnno, no, no, that's okay! It's- she just surprised you a little! In general. That's all. You glance aside, running a hand down your face. Also, personal space IS a thing, just so she knows.

Mini-Nep tilts her head, blinking all too innocently. "Is that so?"

You right yourself quickly, glancing around to check that no one else caught you flipping out- aaand you're safe. Neptune's focused on mining, whistling cheerfully and swinging her pickaxe in a disgustingly cute manner, and Mojang's grinning goofily as she points her phone's camera at Nep-


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... she ruins it by puffing out her (your) cheeks, making herself look like a put-out chipmunk. "That was mean, Urist! And unnecessarily!" she pouts. "Cute girls are justice! Cat lingerie is also justice! Put them together and you've got /double/ justice, you- you double-"


Neptune visibly perks up at mini-Nep's hesitant interjection, forgetting all about your injustice as she studies the long-haired goddess. "Oh! Urist, who's this cutie patootie you've got here?" Neptune circles her like an overexcited shark around a bucket of chum, tilting her head curiously; meanwhile, the mini-Nep shrinks in on herself, clearly not enjoying being the center of attention, and she silently looks to you for help.

... nnghk. Those puppy-dog eyes are hard to resist.

[ ] [FULL DISCLOSURE] Neptune, meet mini-Nep, the newest goddess-slash-little-sister of Sega that you'd created out of thin air for some absolutely inscrutable reason.
[ ] [PARTIAL DISCLOSURE] Oh, this girl? She's, uh, a new friend you'd picked up on the way here. She'll get along smashingly with Neptune, you can just feel it.
[ ] [NOPE DISCLOSURE] Look, we'll talk about this later, okay? Right now, you've got to get back to your fortress- it's not safe out here. Also, Histoire's told you how you can swap your bodies back, and that's more important, right?
[ ] [PASS THE BALL] Let mini-Nep introduce herself. You can't keep talking on her behalf; she's a goddess in her own right, and she's gotta learn to handle the Nep sooner rather than later.

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... nnghk. You'd meant to have her stay behind, but /that/ curls up and withers away under mini-Nep's big worried eyes. For all she looks like a young teen, it's not hard to remember that she was only born/created/summoned just an hour or so ago. That makes her very young indeed.

You sigh and walk over to her, trying desperately to ignore how she lights up because you're paying attention to her again. C'mon, Nep Jr., up you get. Time to go bust some goddamn heads.


As you help her back to her feet, mindful of the flames, and start walking, you can't help but note that the mini-Nep, in her goddess form, is only a bit slightly shorter than CPU Purple Heart. It's easy to imagine what mini-Nep will look like in her "human" mode: she'd just be a shorter, younger Neptune, except more adorable and less annoying.

That's what you hope, anyway. Honestly, you wouldn't be surprised if wacky insanity was hardcoded into Planeptune's ruling nobility-

Mini-Nep shyly tugs on your arm. "Um, big sis..."

Huh? She's calling you th- er, you mean, what?

"I made these," she stammers at all once, showing you her handmade toys. "I'm sorry, I don't know if I was supposed to use that forge or not, but I just... I should have asked, but..."

You blink at the crude lumpy robot and a... sword, or maybe an anemic eggplant. Rookie quality, stuff that wouldn't rate triple digits in any trader's screen, and of course she used raw Seganium instead of converting that into threads and /then/ crafting stuff from it...

W-Well, no, that's fine. And, uh, it IS a great first effort, kid.

Surprise surprise, your praise comes out stilted. Which means you feel even worse when mini-Nep drinks it all in anyway, beaming like a kid who just won the lottery.

"Really!? Aah, I'm so glad..." Oh Armok, she's got little tears at the corners of her eyes, you can't even-


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"Are you my big sister?" the flame-wreathed silhouette asks again, blue innocent eyes sparkling mercilessly at you. Armok help you, she's almost the spitting image of Neptune, just with longer hair and far fewer wacky memes.

You shoot a wild-eyed glance at Blanc and Shovel Knight, hoping for help. No such luck- the goddess of all things Nintendo answers your implied SOS with nothing more than a shrug, and the knight is nearly unconscious from exhaustion. Sweating bullets, you turn back to the new goddess and wordlessly shake your head, braids whipping back and forth.

"Oh." The long-haired girl frowns briefly, tilting her head in thought. She suddenly claps her hands together, and her eyes brighten back up. "Then are you my mommy?"

What the /hell/.

[ ] [YES] You know what? Sure, let's just go with that, and hash it out later.
[ ] [NO] Emphatically not, because you don't want her imprinting on you.
[ ] [IT'S COMPLICATED] ... you'll tell her when you get back to your fort and give Neptune the good(?) news.
[ ] [FULL DISCLOSURE] Fuck it, you're not leaving any room for wacky antics caused by misunderstandings. Dump it all on her!
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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