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>roleplaying as a Roman legionary on a Vietnamese rice-counting forum
>still doesn't know about how the legions gave up the gladius in favor of the spatha because of its greater reach

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How do you adopt/convert Julius Caesar as a character in your game?
And how do you do it without making it obvious?

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The new one will be called simply Runequest.

Runequest really pionneered the idea of classless characters at the time. You're not just a berserker or a mage, you're first and foremost a guy with certain skills and traits. It handles progression in a way that was revolutionary at the time by making it easier to progress in skills (including combat) that you actually use in play. Each time you fail at something, like finding tracks or haggling, you would put a mark next to the skill. Comes experience points you could improve those areas and get better at them. So the more you use a skill, the more likely you are to fail at it and therefore the more likely you will be able to progress. So anyone could try their hands at pick pocketing and get better and better at it even if you're a "barbarian" type. Furthermore there are possibilities to find trainers in the world and pay them with your hard earned cash so you could improve in the skill that was chosen.
In D&D the class structure will constrain you into your role and there are few things if any that will allow you to branch out of the mold. If you're a half-orc barbarian and the game shifts to an urban political game, you're shit out of luck (and should have a strong talk with your DM holy shit). In Runequest, you could take etiquette classes.
I hope that answers your question.

No Mythic Rome indeed. It has yet to surface on my radar.
No Mythic Greece either but that's because it hasn't been released yet, probably next year.
I do have "Rome - Life and Death of the Republic" for BRP if you're interested. (Basic Roleplaying System is a universal take on Runequest rules by Chaosium)

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No true multiclassing. The abilities are basically just 4e powers and have no flexibility. It's shit.

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>players exploring ancient tomb
>they discover a staircase that is decrepit and is broken so they can't walk down it
>it leads into pitch blackness so they don't know how far down it goes
>"I jump down" says one player
>I ask him if he really wants to do that
>"Yeah, I do it"
>he does it
>falls 50ft
>gets horribly mangled by the fall
>gets mad at me, saying I didn't describe it well enough
You're fucking retarded, don't blame me.

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If swords are so good, then why aren't arrows shaped like swords? Why didn't siege machines fire swords? Why don't they call it sword-and-shot? Why didn't they have sword jousting? Why didn't they pierce Jesus with a sword? Why aren't missiles sword shaped? Why weren't bayonets just swords attached to guns?

Checkmate, swordfags.

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I remember that picture from my history book when I was in middle school.

Without that history book, I wouldn't have learned to actually like history, and later on probably would have never gone /tg/.

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>friends ask me to DM a campaign when they see me
>"sure, just let me know when you're free to play because I've got some good ideas"
>they instead just spend their free time playing shitty mobas and watching GoT (they have a lot of free time too)

I don't even think we're friends anymore

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A shout out to all tournament organisers out there. Go you good guys. Working, often for free for a sea of smelly, over entitled neckbeards.

You are the unsung heros.

Currently dealing whiney remarks about rules sets. Having promo threads shat on by belly achers. Why can't cunts just go if they want to and shut up if they don't?

Share your horror with /tg/...

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Quidnam dixisti modo mihi, cinaedule? Ego te certiorem faciam me exiisse e Cohorte Praetoria optimum meae ordinis et in frequentibus incurisonibus occultis contra Persos expertum esse, et plus quam trecentas caedes probatas habere. In bello auxiliarum educatus sum et ego sum optimus eques in totis Imperii Romani viribus armatis. Tu es nil mihi praeterquam aliud destinatum. Ego te, scelus, conteram adamussim ut numquam usquam visum est in orbe terrarum, annota mea, malum, verba. Arbitrarisne te posse illas contumelias dicere impune per litteras? Iterum arbitrare, nequam. Etiam cum colloquimur advoco meum secretum rete curiosorum per totum Imperium et tuam locationem excipitur, iamiamque ita potius est te parari procellae, vermis. Procella quae omnino perdat illud miserandulum quod tu tuam vitam nominas. Per deos immortales tu es mortuus, puercule. Ubivis, quandoque esse ego possum et novi te trucidare pluribus quam septingentis modis - et illi meis manibus solis. Non solum sum educatus plurifariam in proeliis inarmatis sed usu ego fruor toti armentarii Imperii Romani Scholarum Palatinarum et eo utar effuse ut detergam tuum miserum os de facie telluris, caenulum. Si novisses quam defamatam ultionem "callidum" tuum dictum inlaturum esse fortasse retinuisses tuam linguam. Sed non poteras, non fecisti, et nunc poenas solvis, fatue miselle. Ego furiam cacabo super te totum et tu in illa merges. Per deos immortales tu es mortuus, puercule.

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