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Anyone playing Kill Team but set in Horus Heresy?

How many legionares do you need to play?
I just want an excuse to paint up a few dudes in a different legion scheme

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It kinda fits for the faction that draws most of its knowlegde from past designs and rarely improves on them. So some designs could be from early DAoT, late DaoT, Great Crusade etc and mixing and matching them according to whats needed and available resources

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Necrons, Adeptus Mechanicus, Tau, and Eldar/Dark Eldar. Rest of Imperium on par with Chaos. Orks range anywhere from Adeptus Mechanicus level to rock with pole attached. Tyranids are purely biological with extra emphasis on the "logic" part.

Dark age of humanity had some tech the might be on par or even surpass the Eldar and Old Ones in prowess. At least shit like the Chaos Titan, 'course you know how reliable Chaos is.

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lol k. everyone is getting new rules you edge lord.

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Plus if we ally with any other Imperium army it is nothing but a pure boost to both sides.

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I will have you know at least 15% of my body is still organic.

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First for the Omnisiah.

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Official Admech theme tune

Chapter 6 page 4

>A coterie of electro-priests began the hymn, Body Electric. Tech-priests muttered their prayers over their desks.


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One can never have too many servitors.

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is there a particular reason why none of you became a servitor? its not like you use these brains of yours often anyway

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I fail to see the alleged problem.

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I mean between making the alliance and doing the mission. It's perfectly plausible that no further elf missions were drawn from the pool between those events.
And I'm pretty sure I did draw at least one after making the alliance in my campaign. Could be a bug, though, or a function of the difficulty setting.

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Wait, can we do this to all the necrons?....Guys, why dont we just purify the whole tomb? That would be pretty baller

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You have it backwards. Energy is the currency of change, and with enough of it the world can be changed to any form you wish. With enough energy, food production can account for everyone in the world and machines can bring justice across the globe. Soon everyone can be brought closer to the perfection of the almighty machine thanks to his electrical lifeblood. Technology will be our rapture.

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