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>Eldar call humans mon-keigh
Damn, took me too long to get that

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holy shit, /mlp/ content outside of /mlp/. Genuinely haven't seen that in a while.

Anyway fuck off saged reported filtered

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>clairvoyance has a range
>it also only has a timeframe of a few seconds forward
>claim you can use it to dodge arrows
By the time an arrow enters the range of your clairvoyance, it's too late for you to dodge it.

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>party is mostly made of people who are either in relationships with each other or are happily married
>king wants to force his shitty little princess on someone
Sure, I think the ranger's pet needed someone.

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>spend a bunch of time on a character
>including a 4 page backstory
>get really attached to them
>die in combat after reaching level 14 from level 1
>really not feeling this game anymore
>come back next session with a bland human rogue
>DM gets pissy with me

Letting characters die is the worst meme ever

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>allowing girls in your party

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>playing 5e
>that guy who constantly makes bad characters makes an evil drow sorcerer
>DM allowed Evil alignments so long as they made an effort to get along with the party
>rest of party is Half-orc priest of Luthic (orc healing goddess) a human fighter, and dwarf bard (skald type of character)
>drow constantly starts fights with our characters
>tries to sell the dwarf into slavery
>knock him out as a warning not to do it again
>we all reach level 11
>tensions really high between dwarf and drow
>drow eventually does something the dwarf can not forgive
>burns off his beard while he slept
>dwarf had zone of truth
>drow fails save
>has to admit to doing it
>drow starts slinging fireballs at dwarf
>while we are in a forest
>trees and shit on fire
>wood elves come in pissed
>they jump into the fight
>fighter (me) helps out dwarf
>forest is on fire and now the elves are attacking us, thinking we are all trying to burn down their forest
>half-orc cleric is having none of this
>uses divine intervention
>it goes off
>beam of light sucks up half-orc
>he goes into Luthic's domain until everything is safe
>eventually down the drow
>player irl is laughing
>thinks this clusterfuck is funny
>we are all banned from the forests
>campaign derailed
>ban the fucker from our games

Why do people do this shit?

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>playing shadow sorcerer
>my character is basically a man who tried to enter the shadowfell with the help of an inexperienced wizard so that he could save some of the lost souls who were trapped there, hoping to find redemption in the eyes of the gods for his petty crime filled youth
>it went wrong and left his body horribly scarred and withered
>looks like a very sickly man who hasn't eaten in months
>paladin in our group thinks i'm a crazy evil shadow monster who is going to hell and should be killed ''for the good of justice''

Holy fuck are all paladins this annoying? Everytime we introduce ourselves to an npc the paladin says ''don't mind the evil shadow wizard, I have him under control''

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