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I really hope Chosen get them, feel like it would be kinda bs if the ancient veterans of the long war don't have some archaic weapons stashed away when Primaris can just have em now.

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How's this for some CSM fluff?
Warband Name: Cuperic Sentinels
Splinter of the Iron Warriors, with a strange fanatic devotion to the Machine God that came about from some of them hearing whispers from the Machine spirits and the Machine God. They are crazed with the belief that the Machine God, thats has been ripped into pieces, now lies deep at the core of various forgeworlds, and that they are destined to someday split those planets in half to free it, so it can spread its gift of an eternity in metal. They take on titles and names are forgotten for all are cogs in the Machine God's plans. E.g. most marines are "Cog Serial number".
Motto: Metal deliver us into eternity
Voidborn, planets are just for materials, tainted by the the abundance of the organic.
Warband leader: "The Magos Metalic"
Colors: corroded copper/green with silver trim

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Pretty sure this retard is just baiting at this point. Ignore him and lets get back to talking about the bible in space.

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Are there any rumors/leaks of what the next release is? I don't mean whats already been shown/revealed. Like what faction is rumored to be getting an update/range.

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Can we get back to talking about the bible in space please?

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9th edition so far with Indomitus and the Dawn of Fire series are all taking place before 8th edition. While I'm fine with that as it fills in some lore gaps, doesn't that also mean it would be impossible for any big story events to take place, I.E. Daemon Primarchs showing up, a loyalist Primarch returning, etc?

Or is it only going to start by being a prelude and then switch to after 8th and Plague Wars?

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Lets say CSM get 2 wounds. For this I'm just talking generic, not DG or TS. Will they be overpowered and a bitch to play against? Its what I play right now, and frankly, I don't want my army to be un-fun to play against like Primaris are. What are your thoughts?

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Speaking of painting, I'm getting really hung up on how to paint my CSM. The choices are Word Bearers, Black Legion, or a custom warband. The pros and cons of each are as follows:

>love the lore the most, love red and their scheme the most, no unique characters I'm required to play with
>want to build a diverse army, not just dark apostle+possessed, but feels like ill be missing out if I do

>love the old school art, cool scheme, very cool theme, seems more in favor of a wide range of units for the army
>main jobbers these days, suboptimal without ADB's bf

>can pick a cool paint scheme and whatever rules please me
>won't feel right to spam WB memes when I shitpost or paint them red and silver, will look at BL art longingly and wonder what if

Pls help.

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Give me one good reason CSM shouldn't have 2W

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One of my absolute favs

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Yeah, I feel the CSM release was missing a good number of key things that should have been updated, namely normal Possessed, which currently look like goofy cartoon monsters, Warpsmith, and imo, the Daemon Prince needs an update as well, preferably one specifically for 40k.

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What do you all think is coming after Primaris and Necrons? I'm guessing a Chaos release, hopefully either Emperor's Children or Plastic Traitor Guard

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If Intercessors go to 20 ppm and CSM go to 13 ppm, does that solve the inequality?
7 more PPM for a better rifle and 1W and 1A seems fair.
100 points min unit vs. 65

I don't expect CSM to get primaris, at least not for a long time but I feel like this change evens things out a bit.

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