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What's it like not being the party face?
I always end up doing it because nobody steps up, they're all so SHY outside of combat.
>guilt is in overload because I feel like I'm always hogging the spotlight
>try to give prompts to other players like asking in character "What do you think we should do?" or "Our ranger is an expert on this, tell the Baron what you know"
>aimless muttering

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Thighs really are the most underappreciated part of the female form, which is sad because we all know thicc thighs save lives.

I like it when a woman has dummy thicc thighs but it's clear that it's not all fat. The best thighs are those that have a strong foundation of well-trained muscle covered by an amount of fat proportionate for her weight and height. Thighs that are powerful while still very much juicy, the kind that look nice and shapely when relaxed but bulge with muscles when tensed.

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Is the "correct" way to introduce new players to D&D really to just not tell them any setting details, to give them pre-generated characters, with base level, background mob character level depth, and give them an open ended quest

>The four of you are mercenaries working for the Band of the Hawk
>The local lord is working on an irrigation project and you've been contracted to deal with the reports of goblins on the road
>Head upstream, find the goblin lair, slaughter them all and report back

inb4 don't play D&D

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Isn't that just... dark souls?

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>Hate women
>Love ladyknights

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>subtle or pretty mundane fetishes
I know that feel. I guess you mean such things as musclegirls, ladyknights, monsterg-
NIGGA WHAT? That's neither subtle nor mundane!

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Anyone have any tips on converting Pathfinder's artillery and guns from Modern Firearms into ACKs using Domain of War? Is this a hopeless endeavor?

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It's a very fun game

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Alright, cool, but I also have a similar question. Do you think that case would be the same for a mercenary? Since I figured they'd have to have a smidgen of people skills to negotiate contracts and the like.

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I live in Australia
I've never even tasted Tacobell

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Ellie Night

{26 CS}
[1000 BP]

Female +1 S.DEF
Fit +1 ATT
Adult +1 ATT


Lag Stab- I mean, Phantom Force.
Chug Chug- I mean, Recover.
Chug Stomp- I mean, Knock Off.
xXThe_LegendXx HAS INVADED- I mean, Trick-or-Treat.

Spell Parry- I mean, Magic Bounce.

HP: +6 [800]
ATT: +6 [650]
DEF: +5 [450]
S.ATT: +1 [400]
S.DEF: +7 [150]
SPD: +4 [0]
EVA: +5 [-100]
ACC: +5 [-200]

Warp Seed [-205]
Soul Dew [-255]
Mysterious Ring [-280]

Companion Slots to Points x23 [-50]{3}

Amana Lostila {2}
Legend (Ring) {0}
Tex {0}

World Dungeon [-25]
Future of Despair [0]
Whatever the hell else pops up.

So, I was playing Dark Souls one day, when I noticed that Dark Souls should not be in first person. Or painful.
This isn't Dark Souls. I get the feeling that Kansas is far, far away.

According to a woman who looks nothing like Giant Dad, several of her people and I were sucked into her world's version of the Darkest Timeline.
Worse yet, the guy who did it is some sort of sadistic Doctor Who knock off. Legend seems like she's got some nasty history with him. Something to do with this "Soul Dew" I woke up with.

This place is fucked up, and the best we can do is push forward. The other two are just kids. I hope I can get them home.

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Love me some Souls, Tess for honorable mention. Best swordsgirls ever, those two.

Except for Chivalry, she's gotta be the best Knight in Gamindustri.

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(you) because i have nothing else to say. I love /jc/ and it's affected my life majorly. yay.

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My cat died while I was in Army AIT.

Consequently, this thread has made me realize I lack sad reaction pics. Post sad things pls.

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>Depression among female knights is a common but rarely spoken about problem
>According to experts it's because of the sexist insults and remarks dragons throw around on a regular basis
>"Sometimes the words hurt more than the flames" claims a female knight who wishes to remain anonymous

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Whether or not being a healslut is fun depends entirely on whose healslut you are

>A tomboyish ladyknight who tends to be hotheaded, overzealous and can't say no to a challenge but is pure of heart
>A strict, uptight and virtuous female paladin who is highly inexperienced in matters of the heart, but is willing to learn
>A morally questionable scoundrel of a rogue who acts like an onee-chan type and tenderly dominates you
>A haughty, overconfident archmage who believes you should be honored that she even allows you to bask in her presence, let alone touch her to heal her
>A brutish, boisterous and extremely possessive barbarian who has already claimed you as her husband whether you like it or not

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>Trying to make sense of Homostuck

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I play female characters because I love women for what they could/should be, not for what they are.

Go ahead, accuse me of sexism.

Who the hell doesn't? What man, if asked to reply honestly and in private, doesn't want to live in objective easy modo? There's literally no downside worth mentioning.

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>Be young merchant's son
>Your parents just passed away and you have nothing left
>Just sold everything you own, head for the capital of a neighboring realm with a cart full of high quality velvet in hopes of making bank
>On your way there, you are assaulted by a band of brigands
>You try to defend yourself with your fathers shortsword, but unskilled in the martial arts you are easily disarmed and grappled
>After the bandits raid through your precious wares, they start wandering what to do with you
>Just when their leader, a tall and well built woman, proposes taking you in as her private property, she and two of her crew are felled by arrows
>More arrows, followed up by an armored figure emerging from the woods and striking down yet more bandits
>The last few survivors disperse in blind panic
>You thank the knight for saving your life, yet you can't help but notice that your cart is wrecked and your velvet gone
>The female knight proposes to ride you to the capital where she will find you a proper source of income
>You ride on her hourse, your arms awkwardly wrapped around her waist
>You smell in the pleasant scent of her hair and your thoughts wander off
>You wonder what drove a woman like her into knighthood, whether her body is as feminine as her face under that thick armor
>Ater an unnoteworthy journey, you finally reach the capital
>A magnificent city with thick walls, beautiful cathedrals and a properly fed population
>It's nothing like the backwater village you came from, or even some of the larger cities you visited with your father
>Using some of her connections, she manages to land you an entry position in the city's administrative organ
>It's more boring than being a traveling merchant, but it's better than nothing
>You thank her and say your goodbyes

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