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If only the Imperium of Man had brought some pointy sticks to War Zone Damocles, eh?

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Thank you. It is for this kind of random nonsensical posts I still come to 4chan.

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>I'm sure T'au will get some TEQs
They already have Riptides though

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>Literally an Eldar experiment gone wrong
Not canon
>Weeb is not best aesthetic
Dumb, inaccurate meme
>Call me when they get as advanced as guass or eldar weapons
They've had a few thousand years as opposed to millions
>No it's a totalitarian state that exists to serve the etherials all races exist to serve
For the Greater Good, of course.

See pic

>Very false, they sterilize those who side with them (as per Dark Crusade so debatable if still canon) and treat them like second class citizens.
Non canon, but people like to keep repeating it because misinformation and memes > reals.

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That would be hilarious

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>tfw Taufag
>everyone hates us anyway so I'm just enjoying the shitflinging

it's a larf

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Okay, trying again!

I have some bad news, /40kg/. GW has just informed you that your favorite faction is gonna get eliminated -- and by your least favorite faction, no less. However, there is one bright spot: you get to write exactly how and why it goes down. How would you go about making the ultimate last dance for your faction of choice?

Pic probably related.

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Problem, gue'la?

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What was that about about outdated relics, gue'la?

I claim this thread for the Greater Good.

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Well, to be fair, I don't really see how you can fuck bee armor - or indeed, any kind of armor - without it being at least a little bit smutty.

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>Tau walkers
*Tau monstrous creatures.

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>So whats the Imperiums real and truest hope?

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This is news to you Gue'la? We killed Slaanesh a while ago.

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Because they're not made by the Tau.

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>greater good

Mr.Rodgers confirmed for time traveling space weeb

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>>Hijacked by barbaric gue'la who worship the one called Slaanesh

Who could possibly worship a dead gue'la warlord? ...oh, right.

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Hey there Gue'la, how's that scientific progress of yours coming along?

What's that? You've actually LOST some technology? How hilarious.

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