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What would a setting look like where elves are the only sentient species? Any concepts and ideas that work especially well here?

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All right, I'll try to find some. It's MOSTLY bikinis in this pile, let me tell you.
Also, a lot of "no trust me it's an elf" because they're wearing helmets, you know?
Also a lot of tumblrs.

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This. The class that already does everything all the gishfags want.

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The perfect gish already exists anyway. It's called Paladin.

The fuck do Gishfags want? To be better at melee than a fighter while also being better at magic than a Wizard?

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Horrible. Almost worse than Bladelock.

Yes, they can achieve super high AC and survive in melee combat, but just like with the Bladelock, your best option is going to be to cast spells, not engage in melee combat.

5e only has one good gish, and that's all it really needs. Man up, play a Paladin, fluff it as an Arcane Paladin if the religious stuff bothers you. Paladins are god-tier gishes and everything else that even tries is garbage by comparison.

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I don't know, this is all i've got.

I used it for my High Elf greatweapon fighter.

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What I love about Paladins is how many people keep whining and complaining for a good "gish" class in the game because they don't like Eldritch Knight... so we get all this stupid crap like people trying to force Warlocks an Sorcerers into being gishes.

Meanwhile Paladins have been the perfect Gishes since Day 1 and people seem to completely dismiss them because they're Divine instead of Arcane. I've literally had people tell me they won't play a Paladin because "Life Cleric is better at healing, so what's the point?".

Keep in mind that while halving damage from spells is very good, most magic is NOT dangerous because of it's direct damage. Also keep in mind that the ability specifies SPELLS, so it won't do anything against something like Dragon's Breath.

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You grab enough levels of Paladin for the smites you want, maybe an aura (although it's not necessary) and then dump the rest into Sorcerer. The spell slots you get, and the meta-magic options on top of those spell slots, lead to one of the most devastating nova (damage burst) classes in the game and they have enough spell slots that they're not exactly burning out after a single fight.

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I've never played a Paladin before and I'll be playing one soon. I've heard Vengeance Paladins are supposedly the most damaging and the meme "best Paladins", but...I'm just not seeing it. What makes them good? By contrast, Devotion Paladins can straight-up get a ten-round weapon buff and eventually damage all enemies just by being around them.

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Post character/monster art.

Preferably fantasy characters in robes.
Alternatively all sorts of devils or undead things.

I will post some miscellaneous things.

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>Character art isn't a classic painting or a woodblock print.
I wish my players would consume media that isn't anime.

Sarcasm, if you're too retarded to tell.

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>Not being a Paladin and getting all of the above without having to perform like a dancing monkey.
>Wanting some little shit to make up stories about you instead of actually slaying dragons and holding bridges against five hundred dudes because you chose full plate and a two-hander.

And you can do all of this while being bishonen as fuck.

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