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This is an awful idea. Alchemists can still use simple weapons and light armor, meaning their damage and AC are going to be better than if they were a 2nd level monk anyway. No flurry, but unless you're rocking a massive wisdom on your int alchemist when that's normally one of your lowest stat priorities, you would be losing a lot of AC, having to drink mage armor potions etc., and losing out on two levels in your primary class so your bomb damage would be lower, less times per day, fewer and weaker formulae, etc.

Halfling is a strong pick for alchemist. Bonus to thrown weapons, dex bonus, size bonus to hit and AC, and you don't really need good strength. If you're stabbing things with a longspear, you're pretty much out of tricks.

Also, while kobold is a weaker choice mechanically, I support more kobold PCs.

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I remember running a kobold campaign once.

They're actually pretty fun.

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>Work better in teams than alone
>Mechanically skilled


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