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I'm no professional--so disregard my thoughts entirely--but here are my thoughts on the matter.

Neither guns nor blades are objectively better; they're just built for different purposes. Knowing how to use them both and knowing when to use them is better than focusing on one or the other entirely.

For example, guns (and presumably lasers) are "easy" in the sense that they don't require as much in the way of physical strength as a melee weapon. Firing them with any degree of accuracy still requires fine motor control, relatively keen vision, and (if indoors without a suppressor, i.e. on a spaceship) eardrums of steel.

Another factor is ease of manufacture and maintenance. Even a relatively crude weapon requires not only regular cleaning, but also examination and maintenance of whatever firing/reloading mechanism the gun uses. Swords and other edged weapons require regular sharpening and cleaning (for rust; even that assumes iron/steel are the primary metal), but little else.

In addition, edged weapons are useful for purposes beyond fighting. Chopping firewood, bushwhacking shrubbery, and cutting a tauntaun's carcass open so you can warm up that stupid psychic farmboy that the princess insisted you take along as pretty damn hard to do with a blaster.

If I were a space pirate, I'd use a (laser) carbine, put some bayonet lugs on it, and keep a nice choppy/stabby knife on hand.

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>A: Rape her
>B: Force her to eat the already warm and melted ice cream
Multitasking was always one of our skills.

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He's supposed to be the stealthy espionage motherfucker.

A good option, too.

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>Red Sun over Paradise

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